1U Tiles are those small Euro modules which pop up so often in the module browser lately and, if added, make your rack look ugly.

Not anymore!
Finally we have multi row 1U support for Eurorack!

  • Click Edit Rack and check rows which should be displayed as 1U.
  • You can convert your existing rack to be partial 1U.
  • You can check multiple rows on any position.
  • You can still use the Optimize Rack Space function, 1U and 3U modules are optimized separately. The function is even recommend to "pre-sort" your mixed U rack.
  • If you add modules to the rack they should appear in the format adequate rows.
  • Most rack templates should look fine.
  • To search for 1U tiles check the checkbox in the module browsers advanced settings.
  • Everything should be backwards compatible, no need to reupload 1U modules.

This update is for everyone, another reason to not upgrade to unicorn, jeez..

ModularGrid Rack

Edit: 1U modules must be flagged in the database as such. Everyone can do this, so if you find an unflagged one please help.

Thank you so much!
It works like a charm and better implemented than i would have hoped for!

A Eurocrack Pusher: "The first time is for free" ;)

Wow, amazing update. Thanks so much.


Nice feature! While it's nice to be able to filter to see the 1u only, but it would also be nice to filter out the 1u tiles. Some probably don't care to see them.

Wubba lubba dub-dub!