I'm going pretty near your previous version with rené,
Are you happy of the ABC bastl mixer ? looks really nice in hp for that kind of setup

Oh great. Yeah. I see your approach with the SCM + uScale. I love René, she's just currently in a 48hp skiff with Yarns & a mult. I had to make room for a new module that I'm beta testing, so I picked up one of those little Pittsburgh dealies. Looking forward to the new Elite 12U hopefully this October. As for ABC, I like that it's easy to use in either mono or stereo. I tend to run most everything in stereo because Mutable is just so good at it. But really this new iteration of the case is just an experiment (aren't they all?). For the previous "Supermoon" version, I had 8 outs going to my audio interface, and performed all mixing and other effects in Ableton via a Lemur template on my phone. This was a great approach, but now I have more than 8 outs (I love stereo) so I'm still working out how to best approach this.

thx for the reply !
finally thinking to use a vlz mackie i already got for the mix, gonna be more weight for live but will be a greater use in live and will make me save some money ! also have some md OT and S1 in the mix...

Would like to order a elite 12U too, would like some of those in Europe !! have to go with custom

Yeah, going the desktop mixer approach is another good option. Definitely the potential for lots of inputs. My friend, Lampeo often uses the OT as a mixer, advantage being that you can incorporate the OT's effects. If you can bus your rack (and anything else) down to work with the OT's 4 inputs, this could be an option.

I'll likely look into some in-the-box (Eurorack) submixing options to keep using my 8 ins on my interface. Using that is nice because it's less bulky than most hardware/mixers/outboard effects. The ABC should do the job for three stereo pairs, I just need to sacrifice being able to treat each output individually.

And yeah, I had't known that Elite wasn't shipping worldwide. Oh man, I feel for you.

Well, wishing you the best with your adventure.

Lovely rack.
Can i ask you just why did you ended up selling your make noise maths ?

Thanks. It was something that I put a lot of thought into. Firstly, I don't prefer the way scaling/offset is handled with Maths. That is, There's only one channel available to be scaled & offset(ed) in that you have to use Ch 2+3 to achieve it. So I had my eye on the S.P.O. which gives me two channels of scale/offset in 4hp. So it started there. And then at that point, I started running low on available hp, so I figured that if I got a Function, OR and Unity Mixer that I could get close to the functionality of Maths with less space and more flexibility. Since I already have Peaks, I had figured that I could use the envelopes there as needed. And then Just Friends came out which gives more envelopes if used that way. And I'm waiting for Samara by XAOC which will provide a lot of the functions that the middle of Maths does – mixer/scale/OR/SUM. So yeah...

The short answer is hp and flexibility. BUT, if I had more hp I would totally choose Maths over my current options. I do miss that second channel of LOG/LIN envelope generation and the really easy built-in SUM/OR.

What's interesting is that I was going to pick up that Doepfer crossfader to do a neato trick with Brain Seed. But then my Brain Seed had a defect right out of the box, so I had to send it to Darkplace for repair and so those two modules are shown on this rack, but I actually don't have them yet. I may even forego the crossfader for the time being as I think I want to get René back inside this case and put the uJack back in for easy plug-n-play operation. If that happens, I'll need to make a little more room.

But I digress...

Lovely rack.
Can i ask you just why did you ended up selling your make noise maths ?
-- telkmx