I am looking for a sequencer with a repeat option, the obvious one is the Metropolis from Intellijel that has a repeat option (i.e. at one step it can repeats itself up till 8 times, configurable from 1 till 8 times). I am actually really impressed by what the Metropolis can (or what I believe it can since the lack on experience here from my side ;-) ).

However... it's 34 units wide and it's price causes me quite some tears in my eyes when I am honest. So my question is, are there any other sequencers that have this "repeat" option (without the need of going deep in a menu's structure)?

The only other module I found so far that comes close to it or at least hast a repeat function as well is the Xaoc Devices Tirana II module that can repeats one step up till 4 times and one module is a 4 steps sequencer (it's chainable!). I haven't found a slide function though (the Metropolis has).

Does anyone know any other sequencer that has this "repeat" functionallity? Or anyone that was perhaps in the luxurious position two had both, the Metropolis and the Tirana modules and can give here perhaps some experience values of these modules?

The strong point for Tirana II for me is, it's chainable (as far as I am aware the Metropolis isn't or is it?), so if you have unendless money and you take one row as a maximum for a sequencer then with a 168 width row, one could theoretically go up till: 168 TE / 6 TE = 28 modules * 4 steps = 112 steps sequencer ;-) I am joking of course, that's not really realistic because 28 modules would be about Euro 5320 and for that money most of us would buy other things ;-) But 8 or 16 steps might be realistic. At least for the money of one Metropolis one can buy at least 3 Tiranas II and have thus a 12 step sequencer (instead of the 8 step Metropolis).

The Metropolis on the other hand has more options, more settings can be changed and even saved and loaded, that's all not possible with the Tirana II, therefore my question: is there any other sequencer that's affordable and has this repeat option?

As always, your opinion, feedback and experiences is very much appreciated, thank you!

The thing you're looking for here isn't a sequencer...it's a clock multiplier, and the function you're talking about is "ratcheting". Have a look at Doepfer's A-160-5. That module can output multiple clock pulses based on an incoming clock, and the amount of repetitions can be voltage-controlled. Now, as to how to get it to work...that's going to vary from sequencer to sequencer that you use it with. By and large, though, you're looking at clock modulation and logic functions when you're talking about something of this sort. In some cases, you might be able to trigger the ratcheting from a stage pulse. Others might require something a bit more elaborate with some logic gating. It all more or less depends on which sequencer seems like a good fit for you...and once you sort that out, then the next step will be figuring out how clocking should work for you and all of the related fun with that.

"Sequencers" is a big topic. There are many types of sequencers and very different uses and strong opinions (Metropolis and Tirana II are pretty much at opposite ends of the spectrum). This has been debated extensively at Muffwiggler, and I can recommend reading through the threads over there.

A quick search gave the following places to start (but there are many others):




There is also an extensive comparison of sequencers here:


Hi Lugia, Mosorensen, All,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and information, very useful, I am already hours busy "processing" your provided information and provided links, very helpful!

Regarding the Doepfer A-160-5, I saw this module as well as the A-160-2, these modules are certainly interesting however I don't think it can do what I want however I might need one of these modules for other purposes later on.

The links to muffwiggler are very useful, provides a lot of information and it... he, he... it gives me a good feeling that I realise that I am not the only one here on this planet that's struggling to find a sequencer that suits one well, looks like it's a big & difficult job to find the "perfect" match regarding a sequencer.

The doudoroff.com/sequencers/ link is fantastic, thank you! It gave me some ideas of sequencers I didn't know about yet, on the other hand it confirmed a little bit of what I was afraid... there aren't many sequencers that have this repeat option, especially in combination with availability and reasonable price.

The Koma Elektronik - Komplex Sequencer is certainly a nice one, but it's not modular and the price is "nice" too...

Two modules might be interesting but I guess they aren't released yet and thus we have to wait for them to become available to see if it would fit ones "specifications" and that are: Erica Synths Black Sequencer and Endorphin.es Ground Control, both sounds interesting and I can't wait for them to become available!

Oh yes, just for my understanding (and please correct me if I am wrong), repeat is rather repeating the same tone at the number of times it has been set to and in the same tempo of the entire sequence, where ratcheting is rather very fast (as fast as possible?) repeat the same tone to the number of times set and not necessarily in the same tempo as the sequence itself. Right?

To summarise: A sequencer with direct knobs/sliders without menu stuff (or just a simple menu might be still okay), with repeat option and a reasonable price seems not to exist, if one put on top of that yet another requirement: "Chainable" (and even forgetting the price) then to me it looks like that I might need to look on another planet for such devices, perhaps a hole in the market for some manufacturers lurking here around on the forums? ;-)

Right...ratcheting is a rapid repetition of a single stage's voltage settings, generally at some fraction of the main clock pulse. Although, I will point out that while that Koma Komplex is a rather spendy device, it has a lot of possible control routings that can give you this result along with many others...particularly if you have a Boolean logic module (or two) in your build. Also, modules such as comparators can be used to output controlling gates in conjunction with using a sequencer row for timing CVs. Given enough logic, clock counters, dividers and multipliers, extra gate/trig sequencers and comparators, you can make even a fairly simple sequencer turn backflips.

Asking which sequencer is best is like asking what beer is the best. Now... if you're looking to get intoxicated... well beer is beer. If you're all about the journey to inebriation... you can branch off into sub-category after sub-category and still not cover them all.

Buy a small, inexpensive sequencer or module with sequencing built into it. Chances are you'll probably keep it around... since most sequencers can be clocked externally and synced to another sequencer... and sequencers can do a lot more than trigger notes.

As you build up some proficiency with your inexpensive, "simple" sequencer you'll start to develop a taste for what you like about it and what you don't. You could even buy two different types of inexpensive sequencers and see how you get on with them. Once you have some wiggle time under your belt, you'll probably feel more confident about selecting a larger sequencer.

I'm not recommending modules here but telling you about my own experience.

I started with an Ornaments and Crime module paired with a Temps Utile. I could get a fair bit done between the two modules.
I then bought a Pittsburgh Modular Micro Sequence. It looks pretty simple at first glance... but accessing features using long and short button presses and remembering which and what blinking light means what was infuriating. I pulled it from the rack in anger.

I bought a 1010 Music Toolbox because of the screen. I use it a lot but it isn't something I'd want to structure an entire song on. But it's really flexible and offers quite a few neat features like recording CV and audio (in a limited way). I also bought a Mimetic Digitalis from Noise Engineering around the same time. The Mimetic does almost everything the Micro Sequence can do and more.

I'm considering a Westlicht Performer... however they have to be built as they can't be bought retail. It's similar to the Eloquencer... which is something I thought about getting.

My recommendation is start small with the sequencer and don't be afraid of using small ones sync'ed together rather than trying to find a large one that does everything in multiples. You can never have enough VCAs... and you can never have too many sequencers. Also... anything that wasn't pulled from the rack in anger has an easy to manage interface. That's also a requirement for me as well.

Hello Lugia and Ronin1973,

Both thank you very much for your feedback/information.

Though I usually don't mind complexity... I think, Ronin1973, I am going to follow up on your advice to start rather simple than spend a fortune on a large sequencer. Better start easy first and figure out what fits me best, exactly what you mentioned. It's also good to hear that you never can have enough sequencers :-) It puts me at ease ad not to worry and just start small, again, just as you mentioned :-)

All right, thank you very much both and though I had already a sequencer in mind, it's likely now that I might change that into just a smaller and cheaper one just to get started with that, will take that up into my planning of my new modular system.