Hi - I made a simple Arduino based device for converting your turntable in to a modular gate sequencer.
Here's the video for how to make it

and here's all the code / diagrams / templates you'll need.
I'm having a lot of fun with mines, particularly by combining vinyl sampling.

Let me know what you make of it.

Hi Wavne , really surpried no one reacted to this awesome video, this is really great & give a human feel to the sequences, your snippets are great too.

Hey Wavne—fantastic work!

This reminded me of Ms Pinky, a vinyl-timecode system (like a precursor to Serato). It has time-coded engravings on a 12" vinyl, and sends the data to Max/MSP (and now Max for Live is supported): https://mspinky.com/software/maxmsp-and-max-for-live/

Hi Wavne,

That's a fantastic and creative idea! :-) Looks to me that there is space enough for extending it to an 8 channel sequencer or are there some limitations on the electronics?

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.