I am trying to work out what other modules I should add to this rack. I would like to make ambient sounds so any suggestions would be great!

delays, reverbs and utilities - make a little modulation go a long way?

Hi Murodot,

If I click on your rack I get an error that it can't be found, a bit weird. So I can't see the details of all the modules, though it looks to me that you might miss a bit of the standard boring but needful modules/functions like: ADSRs, LFOs, filters, audio output interface and VCAs? To be ready for the future it might be worth it to get just a bit bigger rack so you don't have your rack full after a short while.

Good luck with the planning phase and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Are these modules that you already have on hand, or is this build still speculative? I ask because the Braids, original Pam's, and the Pittsburgh OUT are all discontinued modules, and if you don't have these the best thing I could suggest would be to remove them from the build and look for current versions. At that point, it'll be a lot easier to see where you can go with this.

Lugia is making a good point about discontinued modules. Mysteron from Make Noise is also discontinued.

You're putting together a rack without knowing a lick about what makes modular tick.

You're setting yourself up for an expensive failure. Read some of the other threads in this sub-forum and you'll see the same issue over and over again. Take a look at all the recommendations and follow them. We really need to pin those answers to the top of this sub-forum.

Actually, what MG needs is a tutorial on modular synthesizers and their use. I've been working on a multipart text on this for a bit, and could go ahead and crank it on out over the weekend. It won't help the lazy-ass TL;DR crowd, true, but in general those people tend to pay little attention to useful advice anyway.