I think I've finally done it.

Ever since the Intellijel Palette cases came out, I've been trying to think of a small 'groovebox' style build that would contain some sequencing, an analog VCO, and a small drum box powered by Grids. I really like Grids.

Let me know what I'm missing or where I can improve this build. I'm relying on the built in mult which isn't the best but it's something. Thanks ~mikenoface

Edit: I think what I'm missing is more envelope shaping for the drums. Sigh...can't have it all in 62hp.

Removed Pico FX, added 2hp ADSR for both Plaits and Basimilus.

Hi MikeNoFace,

I think you answered your own question :-)

Edit: I think what I'm missing is more envelope shaping for the drums. Sigh...can't have it all in 62hp.

If you haven't bought the case yet, you seriously might want to consider a larger case... I also see you are planning a Doepfer A-111-6, that has a VCO too, fair enough, though (unless I overlooked it) is that the only VCO planned in this rack? You might want to consider at least two VCOs though.

Please also refer to other postings in this forum section "Racks" for further ideas and advice you might find there.

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Plaits and the Basimilus have their own envelopes. But they are very basic. Your synth voice has its own envelope generator as well. If you're using the O_C as a sequencer, it can output its own envelopes rather than just gates.

I'd put the Pico FX back in else you have a very dry rack. Personally, I'd rather have at least one FX unit rather an extra ADSR in this set-up.

As far as VCOs... or at least oscillators, the rack has a A116, Basimilus, and a Plaits module. The KickAll can also be used as a pitched oscillator in certain circumstances.

For its size. You might be a little heavy on oscillators. But I wouldn't worry too much about that. You can always remove one or more of them and place in other modules that'll fit in the same space. If you don't mind reconfiguring your rack the times you're looking for more functionality and less voices. Just don't do it with the power on and connected.

If the O_C is not getting the job done for your sequencing needs, you can always add an external sequencer.