Hi all.
I want to invite you to listen to the new album of my band.
Drone doom / power ambient.

Gamardah Fungus "Natural Storm"

Eurorack modular for pads and drones + electric guitars for solos.

Hi Yalivec,

Nice and impressive music, thanks a lot for sharing this!

Especially the guitar is nice and impressive :-) That brings me, though, at least for me personally, to one point... I wouldn't have mind a bit more accent on the Eurorack modular system to give that here and there a bit a higher chance of "shining through" so to speak. The guitar is quite leading and overwhelming in a good way but it's a bit pity for the modular sounds; slightly bit too much in the background if you would ask me. Of course this is most likely wanted in this music, so it's rather my personal view on it.

Other than that, I am very jealous about the fact that you produce nice music of which I only can dream of, I wouldn't be able to make nice music like that!

I wish you good luck and I look forward to your next release :-)

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Wow, thank you very much for such a detailed answer. Yes, maybe the guitar plays a leading role on this release, and the modular synthesizer is more for creating the background and atmosphere. We wanted to show that a modular can be not only a solo instrument, but also can be well introduced into heavy guitar music.
Nevertheless, on our previous releases, the modular synthesizer plays a leading role . Therefore, you are welcome to listen to our early works. Also, in 2020 we are planning a new album, in which the modular synthesizer will again be the main instrument.
In any case, thank you very much for the nice words, it's very kind of you. Wish you good luck with your music!

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Hello Igor,
glad to see you here again! and thanks for your 4ms smrf, love it very much!
it's so cool you wrote about your album here, you had to do it a long time ago. as you know, I even bought CD!
despite the fact that there is a lot of guitar sound, the synthesizers are gorgeous. my favorite synth parts are pad on the first track and sound design on third. but also the guitar on the second track is amazing!
I wish you successful sales of your album and happy holidays! Hope to see you in France next year!

Thanks a lot, Warren!

Also, here is my new solo eurorack video, without guitars, modular only. Hope, you enjoy!

Hi Yalivec,

Nice one too! :-)

But ehm... modular only? What's that tape doing there then? ;-) Or is that for recording purposes only?

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi, thank you!
Yep, tape is only for recording.
There is full explanation of the patch on youtube under the video :)

Just uploaded a new video of the patch, that started the creation of our album “Natural Storm”.
Super slow chord and noise modulation on Make Noise Telharmonic and Mutable Instruments Plaits, plus guitar sample recorded by our guitar player. More explanations under video on YT.

Hi Yalivec,

Welcome back with some more great music! I took the effort to sit in my "listening" chair listening at your latest and above music track here. Once the music stopped (the track came to an end) I was just sitting there... not knowing what was going on with me, what I just experienced and what I wanted to be continued but I had to get my lazy arse out of that chair and now I am listening to your first track (beginning of this post) again :-)

To cut that short, this latest track, I feel it's better balanced, the guitar is still doing a fantastic job here (I love that guitar sound that almost sounds like a bird that's calling or something, beautiful sound!) however you give your modular a better chance to let it come through too, yeah on the view of having it balanced I like this latest track.

Listening at your first track again (from this post), it's less balanced perhaps but you are definitely more daring there, so that's challenging the listener more and makes the listener (okay me at least) exciting about what's coming next. So both tracks I like it pretty much. I think my favourite is your last track but they are both fantastic.

To summarise: I just can't wait for your next track you are going to surprise us with!

Kind regards and thanks a lot for sharing this, Garfield.

Thanks a lot for all your detailed answers and attentive listening!
It is very important for me to read such thoughts and analysis. Sometimes seems that it's not interesting to anyone except me, and it’s a little frustrating. But such reviews support me not to stop and continue to experiment.
Thanks once more. New videos coming soon!

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Cool video as always! Keep up the good work! Waiting for you in Barcelona ;)

One more simple calm composition to help all of us relax a bit during these hard times.
All sounds based primarily on Mutable Instruments and Happy Nerding modules. Recorded directly onto a tape.
Take care of each other, be safe and stay home whenever possible!

Hi Yavilec,

You certainly know how to impress people when listening at your music! After the first few seconds when I started your "Lullaby Of Spring" I sprinted to my "listening chair" and enjoyed listening. If it comes to relaxing, calming down, indeed exactly what we need now in these weird and uncertain times of the Covid-19 virus, this music of yours is just that what one could wish for and enjoying it.

It usually takes me a while before I get my mind adopted to the music and start to get in relax mode but your music somehow managed to do that almost straight away!

One little hint/feedback, I am not 100% sure but I had the feeling that most of your music and sounds where exactly in the stereo middle positioned, so nice in the stereo sweet-spot so to speak. It wouldn't harm though to have one or two sounds a bit out of the stereo centre for some "stereo variations" other than that this track is perfect!

Well done, I will listen more than once to this track and of course I would have nothing against more music of yours :-)

You take care too and kind regards, Garfield.

Hello GarfieldModular,

Much appreciated for your detailed feedback!
I am so happy that my music helps someone to relax a bit these days.
Also, thanks a lot for your advice about stereo panning. Actually, I thought about this technique and in the future I plan to try it. The only problem for me about this is some technical points. My philosophy in making music is to record it in one take. No matter on a tape or digital recorder. So now I can't make panning variations on selected tracks in Logic afterwhile. But now I'm planning to buy a separate module for stereo panning to do it while recording. So, I hope in future I'll try this trick :)

Thank you once more for attentive listening! Be safe!

Hi Igor,

You are welcome and about panning. You might want to have a look into Make Noise modules (of course other brands have stereo modules too), they might have here and there an interesting module for you helping on stereo effects. The most obvious one is of course the X-Pan module (I don't have this module yet but I am considering it).

Or have a look into mixer modules with panning knob (I am using the Doepfer A-138o & p, the 138p comes with 4 channels and each channel has its own panning knob).

You stay healthy too and kind regards, Garfield.

Actually, if you're going to go all in on a stereo modular mixer, Toppobrillo's Stereomix 2 would be a very good place to start. Sure, it won't fit in the current cab, but it DOES give you CV over panning, level per channel, a cue mix (very useful for adjustments on the fly), mutes per channel, AUX sends (with CV over level per channel) and a stereo AUX return, and so on. And while it's not cheap at $479, it covers ALL of your mix processing/control needs. And then some.

Hi guys,

Yep, I thought about Toppobrillo's Stereomix or Happy Nerding's PanMix. The last one is produced by my friend from a neighboring town, so I can try it first. Also there is a smaller version PanMix Jr without cv controls, but a very cool for tiny cases.
Actually, now I've sold that small case from videos above and bought two cases: 104x2 for studio and 70x1 for travelling around. Many plans for future videos, hope that all this nightmare that is happening in the world will end soon.
Wish you all stay healthy! Cheers!

I'm definitely an advocate of Happy Nerding's stuff...their 6 hp mixing/VCA modules are an awesome way to drop more functionality into small builds without spending loads of $$$. As for the PanMix...don't JUST look at it as a mixer. Rather, view it as a pile of dedicated VCAs specifically for your audio chain...which is pretty much what it is. By relying on the mixer's VCAs for the tail end of the audio instead of some VCA-specific module, you can then make more use of your VCAs for CV/mod purposes, which just makes that set of subpatches that much more powerful. Although, I do like the Stereomix 2's implementation better, as that gives you simultaneous level/pan per strip, PLUS you get the AUX bus setup on top of that...and that last detail, with its own VCAs, has loads of "abuse potential". Coupled with a reverb, for example, you can use simultaneous CV changes that allow the reverb to act as a stereophonic "Z axis", with the ability to emulate forward/backward movement into the stereo field.

Lugia, thanks a lot for your detailed explanation. Now I need a time and money to decide what i need exactly to buy.
I’m unlikely to buy it fast, so I hope you will like my upcoming videos without new modules too :)
Once more, thanks for your advices and thoughts!

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One more simple calm composition to help all of us relax a bit during these hard times.
All sounds based primarily on Mutable Instruments and Happy Nerding modules. Recorded directly onto a tape.
Take care of each other, be safe and stay home whenever possible!

-- yalivec

Oh my, it's so beautiful! I want full album like this.

Thank you very much, Warren!
First of all for your suport on Gamardah Fungus. I saw your order on a Bandcamp and will send your cd tomorrow!
As for my solo album, I'm working on it almost every day now. Hope to find a nice home (label) when I finish it.

Made a new sketch based on drones, pads and strings.
I continue to study delicate distortion of Soma Lyra8 FX module.
The solo string part is from Intellijel Plonk.
A significant role here plays pitch shifting from Happy Nerding FX Aid.
Better to listen with headphones at high volume.

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Cool and soothing, as always!
As far, as I understand, you changed your mind about selling me Soma FX? :)

Hi Igor,

Nice to hear from you again and this, I agree with Warren, is cool. Again a nice track to listen at :-)

I hope you will steady deliver us lovely tracks like this!

Thank you very much for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

Thank you very much, guys!
@Warren, you're right, I'll leave it to myself for now. Love it too much! :)
@GarfieldModular, big up for your permanent support! It means a lot to me!

Hi all!

I'm happy to invite you to listen a new release of my band, which is devoted to our 10th anniversary.
A lot of Eurorack modular and Nord modular for pads and drones + electric guitars for solos and riffs.
Ambient / drone doom / + three drum'n'bass remixes.


my module

Hi Igor,

Oh man, oh man! You are giving us here a very good treat and it's a nice idea of the 10 years compilation album. I love the "Human Or Not" track, very nicely done!

If you don't mind, I continue listening at your album, this is just what I needed to have a good start into the weekend. Thanks a lot for sharing this, and while I am going to have a fantastic weekend listening at your album, I wish you are going to have a nice weekend like me too :-D

Kind regards, Garfield.

@GarfieldModular Thank you very much! Wishing you all the best too. Have a nice weekend, hope my music will hepl :)

Also, I've recorded a new video, but I think it's perfect to show it on Helloween, because of its sound, ahahah :) A bit of dark ambient, influenced by Bernard Parmegiani... So, well, I need to record another one for the start of my favourite season of the year.


New composition for eurorack modular synthesizer inspired by modulation possibilities of Xaoc Zadar and Happy Nerding FX Aid XL.
You can hear the full audio picture from about the middle of the track, when three melodic patterns come together.
No post production. Better to listen with headphones.
Detailed explanation under the video on my YT channel.

Hi Igor,

Just when I was thinking: "I am missing something..." and there you are with a new track, yeah! ;-)

This is a nice light and subtle track, I like it. Quite refreshing for the mind I would say. I wouldn't mind if you had more of this kind of tracks.

Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Garfield! Thanks a lot! Glad you like it.
I also like the sound of this track. Therefore, I am planning to do some more compositions in this style.
But I think my next track will be completely different from what I did before. I'm finishing it now and I think it will be ready for Halloween :)

Hi Igor,

You make me curious about your "Halloween upcoming track" ! :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.