ModularGrid Rack

Left Hand Side or Right Hand Side??? The Left is probably a load cheaper!!

The ability to come out in stereo with some final effects and maybe have the ability to set up some effects loops (Feedback loops) to come back into the mix.

I'm not sure how you intend to patch these
in both cases what you are patching in to them would make a huge difference
also how you intend to patch out on the left hand version - the rhs is obvious
and how you intend to patch internally on both of them
they really just look like some modules thrown together without much thought behind how they would be used

The Patch out on the LH is self-contained.

Believe it or not there is method in my madness, My hope was that someone may show me their examples of their stages to output so I can learn a bit from others.
RH side would have the ability to split signals, route stereo, Pan mono, mute, effect and then double back on ts self for an feedback loop arund the effects.
LH side, relatively minimal patching ability but CV control, yet Mix and output with monitoring all in one module.

I could leave out the level meters so it doesn't look like a Christmas tree ;-)

and how do you patch the fx aid in to the LHS?

mix out to fx aid?

I go directly to a smallish Yamaha mixer - clouds is on the send but sent back to a stereo in for a bit of feedback

Yeah, I could go via my own Yamaha Mixer.
And yeah the LH side would be having the FX Aid at the end of line but I guess it would be better before with a mult. The RH side is infinity more capable but a load of modules for a load of money.