I always wondered why I /had/ to have Maths in my build. It seemed like a nice addition but feh.
Alright, after research I /think/ I understand what it does. It allows you to (among other things)
to increase or decrease frequency while keeping the amplitude the same. I guess based off of
some things the Buchla's did? Or am I misunderestimating Maths?

did you find the illustrated manual? it does way more than you think depending on how you patch it

Maths illustrated complement

Much thanks! downloads and rtfm

I discovered Math shortly after I started planning and building my first rack. It was the 3rd module I bought and it's by far the most powerful and unique module I have. I can't imagine not having one in my rack.

Maths is basically a Swiss Army Knife of functionality that is really easy to use. You may also like the Befaco Rampage as an alternative or even an addition.

The only drawback is the size is a bit big for a small rack or skiff.

Yeah, looks like Maths is going in the build. I mean, I could leave it out but one of the things that fascinates me is
generative music and this module seems indispensible for it. I'm taking my time and buying modules slowly to
build the Big System eventually. Not in a rush, just want it to be complete when I finally build it. Yes I can hear
the laughter after using the word "complete" with Eurocrack. XD

A bit of history on Maths: the basic circuit is West Coast...but NOT Buchla. It's actually based on the Serge Universal Slope Generator and some revisions to that made by Ken Stone. Tony apparently decided that having just ONE Serge DUSG wasn't enough, so the Maths actually jams two in there...which means you have FOUR USG variants with a bunch of extra voodoo to get them pinging off of each other more easily.

Maths was one of my first modules, purchased before I had a clue as to what I was doing. For months I used it for little else than its LFO capabilities. But as light bulbs started to go off over the course of my self-education, I realized that Maths can do this...and this...and this. It's in virtually every patch I make, for a variety of tasks.

I think my problem with Maths is that its not something "normal" in a synthesizer.
Not at least as expected if you walked into say Guitar Center and wanted to buy one.
Maths is...far more useful than expected?