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well the title says it all. would it be possible to program that?

It would make sense to avoid module duplicates just for the sake of seeing one's module in its actual orientation.-

On a side note, I am toying with the idea of having a 1U-ish row of 'rotated-by-90-degrees' modules. To manage that in the Module Browser/Planner, a Rotate [r] command would be great. Using it twice would also solve the flip/upside down problem. But that's probably too far off of everyone else's needs.

I second that and also like to add that rotating in 90° steps would indeed be awesome. I have a rack with 4HP modules mounted sideways in an additional 1RU row.

This and other proposals for reducing duplicate modules are all for nothing unless someone goes through the database and actually deletes the existing duplicates. People will just keep creating more duplicates as long as the state of the database makes it look like that's the generally done thing.

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I agree with the OP and disagree with mskala. I've personally deleted a ton of duplicates myself (and continue to do so every single day). This and a merge function for panel alternatives would really help de-clutter the Grid before it becomes unusable.

A 90/180 deg flip would be super useful. To achieve this I make Private modules for my own personal use. Would be great to be able to remove them from the Grid entirely.

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