I thought I'd share some of my recent work after putting together my rack maybe a month ago:


Lots of drone, in particular this track that I made today https://stevehand.bandcamp.com/track/peace-drone and a little bit of stupid dance with an acid influence thrown in: https://stevehand.bandcamp.com/track/dumb-acid

All best on headphones I think, as the caveat goes!

Everything was made on this rack ModularGrid Rack and thanks to everyone for their help and perspective on putting it together, especially you @farkas (^-^)/

Hi Troux,

Yeah! Nice long tracks, if you let your mind go, I could imagine being in a spaceship (not too big one) with glass all around looking at the "space" passing by, while listening at your music.

Not just one track, no-ooh, a complete album! :-)

So I continue listening at your music and once I arrived at my destination in space and if I got Internet there too, I will let you know ;-)

Well done, thanks a lot for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

Awesome. Just started listening. I dig some ambient drones.
Glad you are making the most of your new instrument!