I thought I'd share some of my recent work after putting together my rack maybe a month ago:


Lots of drone, in particular this track that I made today https://stevehand.bandcamp.com/track/peace-drone and a little bit of stupid dance with an acid influence thrown in: https://stevehand.bandcamp.com/track/dumb-acid

All best on headphones I think, as the caveat goes!

Everything was made on this rack ModularGrid Rack and thanks to everyone for their help and perspective on putting it together, especially you @farkas (^-^)/

Hi Troux,

Yeah! Nice long tracks, if you let your mind go, I could imagine being in a spaceship (not too big one) with glass all around looking at the "space" passing by, while listening at your music.

Not just one track, no-ooh, a complete album! :-)

So I continue listening at your music and once I arrived at my destination in space and if I got Internet there too, I will let you know ;-)

Well done, thanks a lot for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

Awesome. Just started listening. I dig some ambient drones.
Glad you are making the most of your new instrument!

Thought I'd post a new one, probably too long (that's my signature though lol) but it's fun:


Same rack as above with some extra Serge modules for drone and color, and a Keystep handling arpeggiator duties
(⌐ ͡■ ͜ʖ ͡■)

Hi Troux,

Yeah, nice one and again nice long. What can one wish for on a Saturday evening to listen at, more than one of your long tracks and let yourself go into space... but uhm, with your previous album I was quite deep into space already where the Internet connection gets poor, so it's a kind of miracle I was still able to listen to this track, now I am definitely in outer space :-) Internet connection will be soon disconnected that far away you took me with your music :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Thank you as always for the kind words @GarfieldModular, and kudos on the poetry, today's metaphor had me cracking up ;p

Made a new one:


Definitely my favorite so far with my new rigs, long again (as always), ochd => Akemie => Zadar + VCA => Polaris => Mimeophon => Rings => Clouds, fairly simple patch-wise but with some nice variation going on (imho!). Sadly the second take was the best but it didn't record. That said I'm happy with it anyway, hope you all enjoy!

Hi Troux,

Oh yes, I did enjoy it :-) Thank you very much for sharing!

It's nice relaxing, I just came back from a weekend away from home and just before going to sleep listening at your track. relaxes me and with kind of spacious dreams I will look forward to my bed/space ship ;-)

With your previous track you took me to Alpha Centauri, now with this track no idea where I will end up but for sure even more further away :-)

I can't wait for more space-adventures from you and I am sure you will have a few more nice surprise for us :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

@GarfieldModular, I actually meant to tell you, I was thinking of this as a "Garfield Patch" in my head since there's a lot of tonal and dynamic variation going on, and I'm basically just responding to that and tweaking a few knobs, "no notes into the system" as you say! Somehow it did get somewhere though, I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you as always for giving it a listen!

Hi Troux,

Ha, ha, yeah let's do more "no notes into the system" based tracks ;-)

Though I said that indeed for my shared track but I used the Sinfonion module from ACL and actually the Sinfonion is creating the tones/notes... so it's just only partly correct from my side. What I meant though was, that I didn't use a keyboard, MIDI input device or any other kind of input device (other than the Sinfonion).

Having all said that, I still can't wait for the Endorphin.es - Ground Control module to become available. It's a sequencer with a kind of mini-keyboard. I really hope this module is going to be released "soon" (waiting more than a year for it) and as good as I am hoping for.

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

I meant to tell you that I got a Keystep recently and it's pretty nice. I'm just scratching the surface but I can tell it's going to be a useful one.

The Keystep or the Keystep Pro? I am still hesitating between the Keystep Pro and the earlier mentioned Ground Control from Endorphin.es.

My short experience with a keystep pro is dont touch this with a ten foot pole.

Pitch or Gate randomly stops working.
Unable to use the mod strip with CV, only aftertouch was working.
Maybe a bad unit but some comments on muffwiggler thread convince me that I was not alone with many problems so I returned it.

But I still appreciate the original keystep.

Keystep @GarfieldModular, still pretty nice feature wise but I don't know all the comparisons.

Hi Defragmenteur and Troux,

Troux: okay, looking at Defragmenteur's comment, the better choice :-)

Defragmenteur: Thanks a lot for sharing this, makes me pretty scared about this Pro thing... pity, on paper it looked so good... Or is it a matter of waiting a few more months to wait till all these kind of "starting problems" have been solved?

By the way, are you "touching" all your synthesizer stuff with a ten feet pole? If yes... poor synthesizers, might not be much left of them ;-) Hence, why I use my ten fingers to touch my modules ;-) Or is this because of Covid-19 and that's why you rather take a ten feet pole instead of using your fingers? ;-)

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.