Hello everyone. Wanted to solicit some commentary/advice/critique on the system I've been putting together for the last two months or so. I'm a multi-instrumentalist fusion artist, mostly focused on Indian Classical percussion, electronic texturing, and finding common ground/contrasts between the use of ambience, drone, and resonance in modern electronic music and North Indian classical traditions. First projects I have in mind (and have long been experimenting with in DAW and live settings) is a liveset of evolving synth "lehra"/"nagma" melodies layered to accompany, compliment, and modernize traditional solo tabla repertoire, thus finally marrying my two main musical endeavours and interests. To hit a homerun on the final point, I really need to find more ways to harness randomness to simulate the highly-regulated improvisation of Indian Classical raga and tala (Scales driven by offset white and pink noise, or by random CV generation algos on the Disting are a start, but at some point I'd like to get more sophisticated on this front).

ModularGrid Rack
Note on the case(s): top row is a RackBrute 3U, bottom is an older/discon 104hp Intellijel 4U skiff (so, the blanks up top are actually dead space, not available hp).

Oh yeah, and I also have an OP-Z that I'm using to add in some samples, occasionally handle some drum needs, and send out a line of GATE/CV for a melodic sequence.

Main points I'm hoping to get some advice on:
1) Module selection: based on the little I've shared above, any mods that seem I may have grabbed too hastily? Any mods you'd suggest I add? Any notes on redundancy or current lacks? Right now considering MI Marbles (but may hold off for later, as one side or both of the Disting EX can handle my random voltage needs for now), Clouds clone (probably After Later Typhoon), or maybe another oscillator for when using Plaits for additional percussion modelling (leaning towards Dixie II+ next). Not super happy with the Godspeed+ so far, but hoping I'll grow to like it soon

2) Layout. Pretty sure I'm just overthinking things considering I have a fairly small setup, but how should I be thinking about organizing? Grouping by function makes sense, but then again I do want my gates and drum mods close by... Does it matter at all with a system of this size? Or, is this just something that all synthesists need to learn their personal preferences on?

3) Anyone doing something similar? Either in terms of electro/traditional fusion, strategic random generation, or extended and slowly modulated cycles/loops?

Any advice, commentary, reality check, etc., very welcome and much appreciated! Cheers!

@tirikita I don't have any immediate thoughts on the questions you've asked, but wanted to chime in and say the vision for your project is awesome, I hope you share some tunes back with us!

@tirikita I don't have any immediate thoughts on the questions you've asked, but wanted to chime in and say the vision for your project is awesome, I hope you share some tunes back with us!
-- troux

Most definitely! I suspect I may need to fill up this skiff before I can stop obsessing over module research and get back to focusing on realizing my vision... I'd hoped to make it a lot further in the studio with the extra time at home these last few months... But, majority of progress so far has been made depleting my bank account to build my rig, reading endlessly about modules, or recoiling in shock at how much time can fly by making test patches ("2am already again, how'd that happen!?!" ;)

I think that's what it means to do modular @tirikita, I can relate!

Yes, your project sounds fascinating and I'd like to hear some of its fruit if that's OK.

I don't think I can offer much else except to wonder if clock function modules such as Bastl Little Nerd might have a place? Also, MI Elements might fit into your vision with its Bow, Blow and Strike parameters. But it's big.