Just finished the new studio desk, modular case, and wiring. Such a change from the haphazard stack of 104HP skiffs and uZeus flying bus cables. Everything is now right where I want it to be.

"And my tears in league
With the wires and energy
And my machine
This is my beautiful dream"


Nice rig and really well structured, kudos.

Thanks! It's a total trip to play. So much landscape to explore. I love having the two M32's in front.

I can imagine! I really want a Subharmonicon or a Mother32 but probably need a DFAM more than either since I don't have any drums atm.

I've learned so much this year about my personal approach and modular build. A few things have changed, all for the better. Early on, it was often 'cool module' gas, but now each purchase is very much, "want to do this, need that." Lo-Fi junky will be one of those. Most importantly: super fun to play.

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