Hello! So I decided to finally go modular :D

I was interested on the NiftyBundle, but I really don't like the VCO (Chipz) sound that much. I understand that it is a simple solution for a beginner like me, but I was hoping to maybe assemble something 'from sracth'

I'd like a case with maybe 84HP, I think it's the perfect size for me - https://www.thomann.de/pt/doepfera100lc3vlowcostcaseve.htm

I like this case as it's simple, and looks good and durable.

I am going to sequence the modular system using my Digitakt, so I don't need a sequencer module, but I do need a MIDI module (maybe to CV and Gate ).

I also like the Dreadbox Chromatic Modules, they are cheap, look easy to begin with and sound good imo.
Can someone help me? I don't have a huge budget, and I pretend to slowly add stuff to the rack. I would like to purchase first only the essentials to get some sound going :)

Thank you very much,
Have a great day,

Welcome! It's daunting at first and I made a lot of mistakes along the way which resulted in overspending.

First, what kind of sound do you want to make? An acid setup would be vastly different from ambient, etc. Do you want percussion or just a bass machine? Finding some youtube artists you like and studying their setups can help with this.

Second, download VCV Rack and start testing modules. All of the Mutable Instruments modules are in there, as well as a bunch from many other manufacturers. If you find a module in VCV rack that doesn't exactly exist in real life, there's usually a close match (and vice versa). Omri Cohen on YT is a great resource for rigging up real physical modules within VCV Rack in order to test them out BEFORE you buy. Look at the manuals, look at the youtube videos from the manufacturer, look at DivKid or MylarMelodies' reviews. There are a million resources out there to help you avoid buying modules you don't need.

Third, if you really think this is something you'll want to pursue, consider a bigger case. 84hp gets eaten up quick. It might be better to get a bigger case now and fill it up slowly over time than buy a small case and need to get a bigger one within a year. Also consider a pre-built rig like the Make Noise Shared System, one of the Erica Synths cases, or the ALM Shuttle Coupe. Yea, they're expensive, but they're great collections (Those Dreadbox Chromatic modules look pretty good, so you already have the right idea. ) There are also the Moog Mother 32 and DFAM semi-modulars that area really powerful without going broke too!

Good luck! Sorry I can't be more helpful, but those are some basic points you have to address yourself before getting module recommendations.

MNLO, Thank you so much for the help :) Yes, I should invest in a 84hp 6U case! You're right. Unfortunately the pre built rigs are all a little out of my initial budget ahaha I prefer to slowly add components. Thank you so much for the CVC Rack tip, I downloaded the software and it's been wonderful, such a great tool indeed.
For the type of sound I'm after, I would like something versatile, something not too specific.. I do like acid stuff, but I also love ambient! I'm mainly into techno, so basslines should be something I want to make with my rack.

I'm always afraid of beginning my journey into eurorack because I don't know anyone personally who could help me with it.. So I try to use forums to learn most of it.

Do you have a suggestion of what kind of essential modules I should get? - a VCO, a VCF, a VCA, an EG, an LFO, and probably some kind of mixer/output module (to output the modular to my mixer and then my monitors). I should probably need a MIDI interface, with CV and Gate, because I'm going to sequence it with my Digitakt, or an external midi sequencer.

Thank you again, it's hard to start ahah but I'm sure I will love the ride! :)

a good starting point would be to get all doepfer modules (vco, vca, vcf, lfo etc) - they are reasonably priced and pretty good

the dreadbox chromatic modules appear to be quite decent too - but pretty much any brand within your price range is a good idea

for a vca I would suggest a quad cascading vca - either veils or the intellijel qaud vca would be my top picks for a starter case

otherwise maybe an idea of budget would be a good idea - i would go for simpler stuff to start with and learn how to patch before getting more (complex) modules (and get them slowly, if you can)

and don't forget to spend some time working out what different types of module do - especially ones that come under the banner 'utilities' - they are relatively inexpensive and are the dull polish that make the shiny modules actually shine

Down the eurorackhole you go ;)... Be prepared to raise funds, constantly changing modules and setup, watch lots of yt...

Most basic setup in my eyes is: vco, vcf, vca, eg, lfo. Expand this by these modules multiple times as you like and need, a mixer, attenueatars/-verters, cv functions/manipulators, one or two effects (reverb and delay), always remember: you can't have enough vca's and hp, and money. Also sell the DT (funds!) and get an eurorack CV sequencer like the hermit or so for the beginning, just my two cents, I ditched all elektron stuff (rytm mk2, DT, DN, A4 mk2) to fund eurorack stuff, never looked back! :)


The chromatic modules are a good place to start, as you can get a VCO, VCA, Filter, Mixer, EG, and LFO all in just three modules for around $100 a piece. It’s what I did and don’t regret it. Definitely go for a 6U case. My rackbrute 3U filled up very fast and now I’m kind of stuck debating with myself if I want to get the 6U and have 9U which is more than I need, or switch to a different 6U case and sell my 3U or keep it as a separate case for a small system later. Either way it’s a problem I wish I didn’t have.

Lots of good advice here. I second (fourth?) the idea to ditch the digitakt.

Just in the spirit of offering a differing opinion, save the simple Doepfer-type modules for VCV Rack. Learn their uses there and save your money and the tactile response for more... fun modules. You get more bang for your buck to get some really nice modules that can do more than one thing.

Like a lot of Noise Engineering modules can be used for a bunch of different applications (Basimilus Iteritas Alter, for example, can make really great percussion sounds or be used for bass or noise). Mutable Instruments Plaits is another multi-use sound source (though all MI modules are available on VCV Rack under the brand "Audible Instruments").

I don't like to suggest individual modules but you might want to look at Pamela's New Workout. It is super versatile and you'll probably get one eventually anyway so you might as well get it sooner than later. It is a clock, clock divider/multiplier, LFO, random gate/cv generator, logic, attenuator, etc. It's super useful. Plus it has the MIDI expander and holds time really well, so you can even use it as a master/slave clock for your DT (if you decide to keep it.)

As always, use the forums if you have more questions!