I want to start building my own modular system, but have no clue were to start can anyone help me out??

That's a tall order! First, research as much as you can. Listen to demos, watch vids, etc. next, think about what you want to accomplish. Classic subtractive analog tones, modern digital sounds, west coast/buchla influenced systems, etc.

Then think about your budget. Then double it. ;)

Don't skimp on power and case size. Buying a small case that you will end up outgrowing will cost you more in the end. Also, don't just look at modules simply for their inexpensive price. There's a lot more to modules beyond what you can see, different build quality, functions and more importantly, sound. That's not to say that cheap modules are terrible, but if you are pining for a great complex osc with built in vcas, wave folding, etc, trying to replicate that with basics will usually leave you disappointed.

Seriously though, it can get addictive, and you'll find yourself selling other studio gear to fund modules. I sold all of my vintage synths to start my first system. No regrets of course. ;)

Have fun, and if you have specific questions about modules, power requirements, etc, just ask!

Pff, i have so manny questions don't know where 2 begin. For the last years i have being working with regular synths, but i can't seem the get the sound i'am looking for. I want to expand my know how of synthesis in general and dive deeper into the matter. What kind of budget should i be thinking about? Any good books on the subject maybe?

I aimed for around $2000 initially. Within 3 years though my system is what it is now. :)

If you're bored of traditional synths, if recommend exploring some west coast/buchla techniques which are timbrally much more expressive and different sounding. Look up wave folding, dynamic FM, etc.

So, let's start by figuring out exactly the kind of sounds you hope to make and start from there.

There's a long out of print book by Allen Strange called Electronic Music Systems, Techniques and Controls (1972).

However you can find the pdf online fairly easily.

Ok budget won't be a problem. I'll start looking for the book you recommended. The sound I'm looking for:.

Ok, is sequencing going to be something you'll need? There's not a lot of modular happening in that vid, but the basic sound to me sounds like a pair of oscillators doing FM, the. Possibly through a filter. If you're not afraid of digital oscs, I'd recommend an Intellijel shapeshifter or harvestman hertz donut. Both are dual osc designs with fm routing and other functions. I personally have 2 shapeshifters, because it's insanely flexible and always giving me surprising sounds. Everything from chords, (I'm big on dubby chord stabs) deep fm, digital shifting wave table sounds, etc.

No sequencing needed maybe for modulation? wich modules will i need for a good starting setup?

hello from vienna
may i ask for your help ? i tried to find a downloadable pdf version of the book for quite a time but do only get a lot of fake or rip-off sites or expired links but no real hit ... i wonder if you could direct me in the right direction ? thanks !