Hi there,

of course, this is not the real rack but shows all the modular gear I have for now:

ModularGrid Rack

– Palette 62 (incl. the Quadratt down below which for now doesn't fit anymore, because I went for the Noise tools instead, but it's still in the repertoire)
– 0-Coast
– Endorphin.es Shuttle System

Additionally I have Digitakt/Digitone and a Volca FM.

Now what? I'd like to move into the Dub direction including Techno, House, Breaks etc. so I guess I'll need a few more reverb and delay modules, right? Another (bigger) case is no problem - maybe something like Intellijel Stealth 7U/104HP?

From a VCO perspective there's quite a bit to work with, I guess. But what about everything else? I guess it makes sense to keep the whole beats part out of the modular for now excluding the Plonk maybe.

Any suggestions and recommendations are welcome. Thanks in advance!

The case upgrade makes a lot of sense as you are already invested in their 1u modules

I would want more modulation and utilities - quad cascading vca, matrix mixer, kinks, panning mixers, attenuators, sequential switch etc

I'd look at the happy nerding fx aid xl as at least one of the effects units - smallish, reasonably priced and loads of possible effects - and better modulation options than it's smaller sibling!

If you are going to add a lot of stero effects to a load of mono outputs then at least one panning mixer (panmixjr, for example) would add a lot - sub mix mono sources into a stereo field before processing with effects

How are you mixing what you have already???

Mixing happens at the moment mainly with the Quadrat and/or the Endorphin.es Cockpit. However I mainly use just a few of the modules at the moment and not everything together.
The Happy Nerding XL is already on my list together with a couple of others. Here's a rack with some more ideas:
ModularGrid Rack
– First rows: Intellijel Palette 62 HP
– Then: Intellijel Stealth 104 HP
– Then: Endorphin.es Shuttle System
– Then: 0-Coast and 0-CTRL

Is that really a shuttle system? I don't know it well enough - but I thought it was a single panel? there's one available...

anyway - whilst reasonably balanced in terms of ticking boxes of sound sources, sound modifiers and modulation sources, for me at least there is a distinct lack of utility modules

I know that some people see utility modules as boring and unsexy, but these people do not understand modular synthesis very well - I see modular synths without them boring and unsexy...

Utility modules are the inexpensive dull polish that makes the expensive shiny modules actually shine...

it is in the spaces between the functional modules, where all signals, which are but electricity, can be combined, multiplied and modified, that the real magic in a modular synthesizer happens

at the very least I would want an mi kinks, a matrix mixer, a sequential switch, a quad cascading vca, some passive mults, attenuverters, offsets, a slew limiter, a switched multiple (all of them dc coupled, so that they can be used for modulation as well as audio) - some of which may be a few functions in one module - for example an mi shades or similar

in all probability if I built a rack with these modules in it I would add another 84 to 104hp of 3u, mostly for utilities and to have some space over for possible future modules

If I were constrained to these racks then I would throw out either the Magneto or the Rainmaker (probably the Rainmaker) in order to accommodate the minimal set of utility functions listed above