Hello All,

For quite some time now, I keep playing around with the Erica Synths - Black Dual VCF. While playing around with this filter I was searching for the (sound of the) frog. Do you think I found the frog? :-)

Relatively simple setup, 1 voice only, stereo though. Sorry for the sometimes pretty harsh stereo effects, it's the module (Black Dual VCF) doing that and I haven't found a proper method yet of reducing that harshness of it a bit.

Sound source is the Erica Synths - Black VCO, modulation is done by Erica Synths - Black Octasource and a little bit of effects by the Erica Synths - Black Hole DSP2 and the output via Befaco - Out v3 module. A little bit of handclap, CV triggered by the Centrevillage.net - C Quencer DLX and generated by Vermona - DRM1 (with triggers).

Thanks for listening and if you are looking for a filter, I can recommend the Erica Synths - Black Dual VCF. Kind regards, Garfield.

Hey GarfieldModular,

It sounds pretty cool, that frog must be from outer space!

Thanks for sharing.

Its an entire Pond full of Frogs, the Male synth-frogs are probably fighting over the Female Synth-frogs and its really good :)

Hi Exposure and Wishbonebrewery,

Ha, ha, yeah lots of space frogs there. He, he, nice one: male/female synth-frog-fight. Thank you both.

I just can't stop playing with this filter, it really invites you to play around with it. Cheers, Garfield.

Thanks a lot Steve! :-)

Good night and kind regards, Garfield.