Hi Damon,

Wow, a complete album, yet again! I am still listening at your album, so far really impressed. I love your track "Deep Calls To Deep", you really take the listener here to far outer-space and looking around here I see tons of stars, I must be far, seriously far away from our solar system because I haven't seen this before yet :-) As you can see, your music really helps the imagination!

Yes, nicely done and if you don't mind, I continue listening at the tracks of your album. Kind regards, Garfield.

AE Modular, baybee! Gotta love what Robert's sleepy-looking machine has to offer...

@funbun Reich is getting a deservedly hard time on twitter at the moment, and I'm not sure his reputation will (or should) recover, but I can hear the influence of his work here and setting aside the man, it's quite lovely. Well done!

Thanks, guys! The thing is I don't even have my AE modular fully built yet. In the end it will be about half the size of Lugia's "Gargantua."