have i missed something here?


weird size rack - I count 94 - and with an intellijel 1u? unusual but not impossible - unless you are using the intellijel cases 1u modules designed to connect to points in the intellijel cases are pointless - check the 1u - at least some of them are specifically designed to work with intellijel cases!!!

I think you are adding too many large functional modules (specifically sound generation and processing and modulation generation) and not enough utility - which is where you need to concentrate in order to make this more than a single patch wonder - not enough possibilities for the multing, modifying and combining of control voltages, no where near enough vcas

For the number of sound generators and modifiers you have, though I don't think you have enough modulation - take out the furmana and add kinks and a matrix mixer

How are you sequencing?

How are you mixing?

Personally I would abandon the concept of planning a modular at this stage in your journey

I would simply get as big a case as you can (Mantis is good, or whatever this is if you really want the 1u) a single sound source, a single modulation source, a single sound modifier, a way to listen and a way to play and learn to patch what you have inside and out before adding anything else - once you've done that you will probably know that you need a module to do something that you are missing, buy that and repeat - continue in this vein for 6 months or so - then take a look back at this and try to build another rack around these modules - it will probably be 50% bigger - and that's just adding modulation for the furmana!

Another option is to buy a prebuilt system that comes with the sound, modulation and utility support modules as well as the case/power for learning purposes. Some good ones are:

Doepfer A100 Basic System- this is how I started my modular journey and comes with all key basics like VCA, mixer, etc.
Erica Synths Black System- lots of great modules plus CV tools and mixer
ALM Busy Circuits System Coupe- this one just came out and looks like a fun modular jam station with sampler and goodies.
Make Noise Shared System Plus- west coast off the beat modular with tons of great all star modules like Maths and Rene
Endorphin.es Shuttle System- another funky west coast modular system.

I do recommend the free VCV Rack software, I still use it for trying route options out.