I pulled all the plugs from the last patch and this happened quite quickly! I'm constantly amazed by the possibilities.

Patch Notes:
There's some twinkly granular stuff coming from Monsoon Clouds which is processing some Turing Machine pitches from the Disting VCO, Tom-like percussion is from the ADDAC103 with the patterns stabbed in via the DNi Pro DOT in Record mode then mute mode used to control. There is Ochd being Half wave rectified by MI Kinks and tempered back with Thonk AT-AT-AT which controls the waving of the Cut-off on the ADDAC105.
Everything played in live in one take, there are some crackles in it and I think my Soundcard is trying to die! I really need to get some external USB audio interface.
Other Modules are, make Noise STO, Happy Nerding HNVCF, ALM Pipslope, WMD SSF ADSRVCA, Lots of 2hp modules, spot of Befaco and Erica, Pittsburgh Modular MicroSequence. Much fun.

Nice one @wishbonebrewery, I really love the synth range in this, lots of classic feels coming together.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Oh yes! That's fantastic! Your high energy rhythms are very enjoyable and I just love that kind of didgeridoo sound you managed to get in there.

Now that's a good start of my weekend :-) Thanks a lot for sharing this and I am going to listen this again, so enjoyable! Kind regards, Garfield.

Ace! Love how you get the bird singing intro going then layer on drums and bass gradually then leads. What modules are you using for the drums and bass?

Thanks a lot guys :)

Drums are all ADDAC103, light hats percussion from the Roland TR-09, 2 bass sounds the main one (kinda Didgeridoo) being from the ADDAC105 4-Voice Cluster.

Nice! Had not heard of the ADDAC voice drum modules before. How do you like them? They seem like good value for beat making in modular. Pair up with Erica Synth Bassline and VPME drum voice module and support modules for beat box. I may pick one up to pair with my BIA in the future.

The ADDAC 103 T-Networks is great, does a nice 808-ish Kick then some great other Toms, blips, etc that fit in and around other elements really well.

Another maker to look at if you're shooting for percussives would be Moffenzeef, hands down. NONE of their modules does anything...ah..."sensible" with the sound, but what they DO do is just off the chain.

Looks like the last stock is in the stores for Moffenzeef, always liked his selling tactics on Instagram :) Blunt and Honest.

The System M0ffenzeef looks hella fun

I'm going to miss Moffenzeef. I use the Mito and Deviant in every patch. Unfortunately, I could never get the Muskrat to sit well in any of my music (which is weird because I do a bunch of glitchy stuff) so I sold it. He had a very unique vision that will be sorely missed.

I'm going to miss Moffenzeef.... He had a very unique vision that will be sorely missed.
-- farkas

Yep...but is he really done, or is his store just going online only? Losing someone with that warped a vision of electronic percussion is going to hurt if he's out of the game.

I think he's done. His website says, "All manufacturing has permanently stopped." A few months back I hashtagged Moffenzeef on Instagram and he just responded with "Moffenzeef is dead."
Hopefully he'll pop back up with a new project eventually.

Oh, I sure as HELL hope he does. Some of those Moffenzeefs are ones I pointed new builders at when they'd say they wanted some "interesting" percussion. And that stuff was nothing if not INTERESTING.