I decided to do a jam just using the MCO, two different patterns from the Euclidian circles into the VCA, and then used the envelopes from the VCAs to both cutoff the audio but also the filter and drive the filter FM level.

Overall I liked today's quick jam.
Check it out here:

I was also attempting to ensure that I could have a little better change in the kick and hats this time.
More to go, but always fun!

Hope you enjoy.


This is my morning jam for Oct 4 2020:

This morning I decided to bring a second voice into the overall party, plus I did some tuning of my new external pedal effects.

Check out the jam here:

Please note, any and all feedback is greatly welcomed.

here is the rough setup:
new voice of a bOSC running through the SCLPL EQ (this is going to be a really fun module when I get it dialed in and morphing).
My other voice is the MCO through the C4BON filter... love that as well.
Kick and hats are coming from the Octatrack
For my effects I am now running two external pedals.
1) A Collider pedal, a combo of a delay and verb
2) A OTTO Bit Jr. (but I did not have the recording setup properly to save that this time... but it will be there next time).

Hope you enjoy and please, feel free to comment and give feedback.


Nice work here @EroGumpy, I've had my eye on the C4BON and the SCLPL, I may try and fit them into my acid rack soon.