Pretty bent and out of tune, the main voice is the 2hp Pluck but being mangled and bent going through Monsoon Clouds in Granular mode with reverse-grains, further reverb on it from the 2hp Verb. There's a tiny bit of ADDAC105 4-Voice Cluster in there with an LFO from the Divkid Ochd hitting it, more ADDAC 103 for the Percussion which is mainly going through the Stereo Tape Delay on the Disting MK4.
Noise Engineering Clep Diaz, Instruo Ochd and 2hp RND all on Modulation duties, the RND Random Gates are turning the Freeze Button on and off on the Monsoon.
All plodding along at 50bpm.
Thanks for listening :)

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Yet another nice track from you! :-) Out of tune? Well yes a bit, somehow very enjoyable. The picture is more "out of tune" than your music, if you would ask me ;-)

You choose indeed a very nice slow rhythm/tempo, I like that, it helps to cool down after a bit hectic weekend! Thanks a lot for sharing and kind regards, Garfield.

Cheers guys :) I'm happy to keep experimenting for the moment :)