This is just to know if you think this rack is kind of well balanced and usable, what could be taken off and added.
I know the aurora is not out yet and I haven't heard proper examples of it but I have put it here anyway as it seems to have lots of cv modulation and I like the name and the design !

This is all for good fun and to try to understand better the eurorack world. I have some of those modules already but I am still far from that rack.

Thanks for your reply and have a good day !

ModularGrid Rack

less 'feature' modules - more utilities

Thanks a lot for the reply ! Do you some examples in mind of feature modules that could be taken off and utilites that could be added ? My first intuition is that the stereo dipole could disapear so it would leave 20hp free for utilities but I have no idea which one.

For what I have read and looked at here and there, there are two utilities that I have understood and which could fit in there in replacement of the dipole which are Cold mac and the Doepfer A-185-2. It leaves 6hp left for something else.

ModularGrid Rack

the obvious candidates are the 2 filters - also the adsr - get a smaller one, if you need adsr!!
I'm not sure I would add links - kinks is probably a better use of 4hp
I just saw you update with a cold mac and a precision adder - these just seem to be randomly added

cold mac looks great - but once you realise it will only do audio or cv at once it becomes less attractive, at least to me

Oh I wrote the previous message while you were typing yours. I could add in that case kinks in the 6hp left.
Thanks !

But kinks has a sample and hold so i guess it could replace the doepfer one right ? Which leaves 6hp left again.

yes you could replace the doepfer s&h

personally I would remove the cold mac and the precision adder - add panning mixer (for audio - panmixjr) and a matrix mixer (for modulation - input 4 modulation sources get 4 different mixes out)

I get the feeling you could replace those two large filters with a Joranalogue Filter 8 and have a LOT of hp left to spare. Add a Kinks or DivKid's Rnd Step and Ochd. I would look at alternatives to the ADSR as well, something like Zadar would probably be a better choice.
I have read about a lot of frustration with Cold Mac though I've never used one. Might be something to research further.
Have fun and good luck.

Thanks to both of you !
Taking in consideration what you are saying and what I can do this is where I have reached as of now.

ModularGrid Rack

AISynthesis do a matrix mixer in 10hp - I would go for that rather than the latest, greatest - unless you've got a pin fetish!!
In a small case I would rather have logic and rectification and sample and hold in 4hp - instead of 3 sample and hold!!
again adsr? do you need it? if so go smaller!!
do you really need the output module? if for headphones I'd get the 2hp or alm busy circuits... otherwise I'd just use 1/8"->1/4" cables straight out of mixer