I recently got a Monome Crow (wow!) and the first script it comes with is quite chill and melodic, fun for listening. I tweaked it a bit to create a little more integration with my rack as well as some different chord vs melody interplay, and thought it turned out pretty nice, and a lot more pop-y than my usual stuff. Check it out:


It's a bit long (surprise!) and I'll probably try and edit it down to 4-5 minutes, but I might also try a crack at turning it into an old school minimalist piece, a la Terry Riley with some different movements and sections, something a lot easier using Crow than it might be otherwise. For those curious, I'd definitely suggest giving Crow a look.

Made with:

ModularGrid Rack

Wow, I'm listening to this on your Bandcamp now. Love it!
It's got kind of a woozy BoC vibe that I really dig. I have been tossing around the idea of adding either Akemie's Castle or the Ensemble Oscillator, and this just made my decision even harder. Haha.
Good job, my friend.

Thanks! In this piece the Ensemble Oscillator contributes a background drone at the end, but the chord and melody parts are 100% the Akemie. I like them both a lot, but I've got to say the Akemie is one of my favorite modules. Huge range from weird Just Intonation drone stuff (like my live sets a bit ago) to really melodic chill work. The BoC vibes get a big boost from the Magneto which I try not to rely on too much cause it sounds so good, but I figured I'd lean into it here and not be so persnickety for once.

I forgot this @farkas, but you actually deserve a shoutout for this track! I had missed the Disting's tuning mode (easy to do with everything in there) but I think it was you who mentioned it recently and it helped make this tune about 100% more listenable. Thanks 👍👍

Well, I think this piece convinced me on Akemie's. And yeah, Magneto has such a great sound.

I apologize to your budget lol, but yeah, I think you'll love it.

Hi Steve,

Oh that's a nice relaxing track! I wasn't even aware a module like Monome - Crow exists, quite interesting and melodic too.

I am going to listen one more time, get even more relaxed, thanks a lot for sharing this, kind regards, Garfield.

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Glad you enjoyed it @GarfieldModular, and yes, Crow is pretty cool, many many possibilities with it and I'm looking forward to exploring :)