I have this sweet rack I have built but I feel it is missing something... Input would be great

I think it's missing a lot. Utilities, mixing, vcas, etc. Do you really think that you'll need both the octocontroller and circadian rhythm in that system. What about pitch sequencing, etc.

Thanks for the input. So I am a Nob to all this, but my logic is I am rhythmically oriented so I expected the arp on octocontroller to effect Maths and circadian rhythm(CR) for the drums. Mixing I planned to do off board.

Pitch, I do have a darktime. but maybe dump the CR, I also have a Mother 32, which spirited this venture into modular.

Mixing is not just for audio, but for combining cvs, multiple waveforms from your osc before filtering, etc.

With the moog and dark time, it's good that you have a few more pieces to the puzzle, but I'd still say you need an extra filter possibly and a VCA source. Otherwise your only way of gating the sound of the doo is to route it through the moog's VCA and filter. You could look at a low pass gate for this, as it will pair well with the dpo's Buchla-like tones. Next you have a noise sour which I presume you put in for HHs and other percussion sounds. That just outputs steady sound, so you need filtering/vcas for that as well. Consider a more fully functioning module for that, such as the rest of the mutant drum series.

As for the octocontroller and CR, are you aware that the octocontroller does gate patterns and clocks as well as cv? That alone is even a lot of sequencing power for your system. If the CR's complex pattern chaining is important to you, then consider swapping the octocontroller for a more hands on cv source that can do sequences, modulation, etc. Plus, I'm not super familiar with the Fh-1, but doesn't that also do sequencing, modulation and lfos as well? You have a lot of complex stuff in that bottom row, but it's all deep programming and layers, so it could take a lot of the immediacy of having a modular system away from your experience. Trust me, I love deep modules (I have 2 shapeshifters), but that's stuff I added once I grew beyond my first 2 rows.

Thanks so much for you input. the CR may be the tool i switch out because it is in a back order. I'll take the space add the VCA and a mixer. For the mixer I like a RxMx but I am not sure which way to go with the VCA.

Have you read up about the rxmx and what it does? It's far from a normal mixer. It's sort of a hybrid scanner/vactrol gate. So, you send cv and gates into it to trigger certain channels over others in time. It's interesting in that's it's meant to hardware into the DPO or their fixed filter module, but it's not going to help with mixing and controlling cv stuff. Not saying that's bad, but maybe still plan to add a small basic utility mixer.

For vcas, you could go in one of two ways. First, a traditional VCA for both audio and CVs is really helpful and flexible. Remember that vcas not only control sound but any analog signal. So you use them to control the amount of a modulation source over time, gate it on and off, etc. For that, a VCA that can do linear (voltages mainly) and exponential (mainly audio). Fir that I'd recommend the Intellijel uVCA mkii. It has two channels, both of which can be swept between linear and expo, much like the two main channels of maths. Because it has a lot for that, and not just a switch like other vcas, means that you can fine tune the response to your liking. I would not recommend make noise's VCA offering (moddemix) as it's not meant to be 'normal'. It heavily distorts/colors the input sound which you may not always want.

Another alternative for a 'VCA' is to get a low pass gate module. These are vactrol based, and impart a nice, natural shape to sound. Input a quick trigger, and it decays the sound just like a plucked string, without even needing an envelope to control the decay. This is less useful for cv, but the ones that make noise offer (Optomix for instance) can still process it, just with that natural decay acting almost like a slew to the cv bring out in. Not always useful, but interesting. LPGs are the core of the west coast sound, especially combined with a complex osc source like the DPO. If you like those plucky percussive sounds that buchlas are known for, you might want to consider a LPG.

Thank you for your wisdom. I have watched a few video and read more on it I think you have a great point the it is not straight forward. I will go with a more utilitarian VCA and Mixer. Intelllijel is looking the part. Maybe hot glue or Quattrphonic from Sputnik for the mixer.

In info has been really helpful!

Cool rack so far. I agree with Exper, but I think Hot Glue and Quad Sputnik are overkill in terms of HP. What do you think about something more minimal, like this? It is a 4 in 1 out mixer in 3 HP that can mix CV as well, and is relatively cheap. Malekko also makes a 3HP mute module which could synergize with your Rosie.

For a basic VCA, I think you could do worse than this.

Sputnik also makes a compact multi VCA/Mixer.

The Optomix is hard to beat for a starter low pass gate, revision 2 is coming out (soon?) and will have even more function.

thanks guys made a revision. no CR, but I could not help getting a tempi... Got the Mu vca 2 and an optomix.

Thinking about the mixer.