Hi All,

Here is a first impression of the Erica Synths - Drum Sequencer. I am still discovering this device so no big deal here, just wanted to share with you the first results. Using only one pattern, 32 steps for the 11 instruments controlled in this track of which 2 are samples (triggering the Sample Drum of Erica Synths). For a little bit of variation I have added one voice, the kind of tone that gets down and up --> once getting up in tone I slowly mute it.

Thank you very much for listening and kind regards, Garfield.

Nice one @GarfieldModular, I'm feeling a bit of a "Smooth Criminal" meets 90s Funkstorung vibe, nice space between the drums (love the clap), the synth line drops in and out at exactly the right time... throw some squelchy synths on top and you'd have a nice polyrhythmic Acid... in fact I wanna hear the @GarfieldModular take on Acid now... Thanks for sharing, and hoping to hear more soon!

Hi Troux,

Ha, ha, thank you, I like the way you describe the track :-) That the synth line dropped in with exact timing might be a rather beginner's luck, I didn't put too much efforts in that matter; thank you though! :-)

He, he, me going Acid, yeah, right! ;-)

I did play the guitar for the very first time in my life this very afternoon though, here is an example of it (that can be found in the You section):


Kind regards, Garfield.