Playing Make Noise Telharmonic through Optomix, QPAS, Rossum Panharmonium, Clouds, and Mimeophon. Lots of knob turning over a simple set of sequences from Rene that feed Telharmonic. I had some gain staging issues running through this chain and a tough time taming the high end noise generated by Clouds feeding on Panharmonium. I'll revisit the patch today to sort that out. Telharmonic can be tough to tame but I really like where this one is going.

Excellent, @mowse, really really digging this, the voice placement in particular is fantastic but the melody and everything else too, well done.

Hi Mowse,

Wow, that's beautifully done. I don't know how you do it, taming that Telharmonic so nicely?!

I got myself a Telharmonic, I like the beast but taming it? No Sir, I am not able to do that at all however you seem to have made an art out of taming the Telharmonic :-)

Too high sounds? It didn't bother me. I do love high sounds so I didn't mind at all and actually really enjoyed the high tones in your track.

It sounds actually as a beautiful drone... having said that... drone? 17 minutes? ;-) I wouldn't mind if your track had been 17 minutes or more, it would have been a pleasure listening at it.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Fantastic so dreamy could be an entire ambience type album. Would be nice to see you patch this live for us n00bs to modular.

Thanks for all the kind words. Feels nice to connect with Telharmonic after not really getting it at first.

17 minutes... an elusive goal! :-)