It doesn't meet the required 17 minute drone threshold for you folks, so I guess it's just a dark ambient track? :)
I was trying an exercise in restraint and tension. Sound sources are MiniMod VCOs, Recombination Engine, E352, QPAS, Crucible, and a Prophet Rev2. Hope someone might enjoy it. As always, thank you for your time.

Looking forward to giving it a listen @farkas

Hi Farkas,

Wow, oh wow, oh man, oh wow! ;-) Restraint and tension exercise completely fulfilled!

Yes go on then, minimum 7.5 minutes for dark ambient and 17 minutes for drones ;-) Either way, this is beautifully done and I wouldn't have minded it if it indeed would have been 17 minutes.

I enjoyed every second of it and thanks a lot for sharing this, kind regards, Garfield.

Listening now @farkas, fantastic ambiance and layering. Did you mix in the modular? If so I need to grab a copy of your mixer lol because the space here and how everything is both distinct and part of a whole is topnotch. And gotta say I loved the 80s synth vibes too. Looking forward to more like this.

Love this. Awesome work @farkas.

Thanks gang! I enjoyed making it.
@troux, Yes, this was played and mixed almost completely live in the rack. I use a Focusrite Scarlett interface into Garageband as a glorified tape recorder, and the Toppobrillo Stereomix and a Moffenzeef Moffenmix in the rack. I'm about to add an Erica Fusion Mixer v3 as a second submixer too. I ran the Crucible to a different input on my interface and adjusted the volume in Garageband because I can never get hi-hats/cymbals to sit in a mix on first try. I didn't do any sort of mastering or EQ in Garageband.
Only the Prophet 80s synths were overdubbed, though still run through the rack. If I remember correctly, I just went from the Doepfer A119 to the FX Aid XL (for a tiny bit of reverb) to the Toppobrillo. You might laugh, but ever since I was a kid, I've been obsessed with the synth sounds in Billy Idol's song "Eyes Without a Face." Hahaha. So, almost anything I come up with on the Prophet ends up having an 80s vibe like that.
Thanks again for listening.

Good info @farkas, I'd love a Stereomix