A short segment from a live streaming session on 01/10/2021. Main voices are Moogs, Trident, and Telharmonic.

Pro tip: Don't run a hot mic with a dog in the room.

This is a great track mowse, I've tried many times to do something like that and it seems like something impossible, I'm not sure how are you doing it but it's fantastic, and I love that dog too!!

I'm running out of superlatives @mowse, well done as usual and it seems like your mastery of the synth is only progressing!

Hi Mowse,

Oh my goodness, this is superb! What a track!

Ha, ha, that dog bark actually fits perfectly well in this track, it gives it just that extra unexpected touch that nobody else would do or come up with, that kind of "your own stamp" on this beautiful track. Well done doggy! ;-)

Next time your dog is around, keep that mic switched on and put a few "kilos" of echo on it, would be fantastic :-)

For me the old, inventive Mowse is back in full glory! Well done Mowse and thank you very much for sharing this! Kind regards, Garfield.

This is really good.

Hey, thanks. I really appreciate the kind words. I was hoping for more synth time this week, but we had a major storm and lost power for a few days. Now I'm in the yard repairing a septic drain field and hauling out fallen tree branches. It's glamorous!

Hoping to get some time in this week before starting a new role.

Thanks again!