So far I have been learning and enjoying my new sequencers: Eloquencer, WMD Metron, Stillson Hammer MK2, and Euclidian Circles.

Metron is great for programming lot of drum and bass modules and amazing patterns that can be saved and recalled at light speed and with Voltera can sequence 1v/oct and Axxent for adding drum flourishes.

Eloquencer a great sequencer with random, probability, ratcheting and easy to program and fun to use with live record mode.

Stillson Hammer- what Metropolis should have been a fun live sequencer with quantizer, reverse, pendulum, random modes and 4 channels of CV and 4 gates. Love using it for melodic and bass lines.

Euclidian Circles- wacky fun colorful sequencer best used with external clock source.

Varigate 4+ a good random CV generator but not very precise and pain to program.

For me 2021 is the year of mastering sequencers to create songs in live and record session on modular and deepen my knowledge of modular synthesis.