I kinda slipped with trying to do a piece of music every day for Jan... in #Jamuary, Oh well.
Almost completely Generative, just turn the modular on and reverse the grains on clouds and tweak some levels a bit.

This piece is driven from the 2hp RND which randomly triggers the Befaco Burst which has the probability control set about half way, these pulses then go out to the 2hp Pluck and Bell, the Pluck goes into the Mutable Veils with a bit of AD action from the ALM PipSlope where I wipe off most of the 'pluck' before going into the 2hp Verb, for the Bell then that heads into the Monsoon Clouds on Granular mode with the grains playing in reverse. Modulation comes from the 2hp RND too along with some slow LFO's from the DivKid Instruo Ochd. Oh.... and the Pulses from the Burst also head into the 2hp TM (Turing Machine) and 2hp Tune. I am manually using the Transient Modules 7J Joystick module to modulate the probability and Steps on the Turing Machine and also the Grain Size of Clouds which all together adds a bit of space.
Cheers for Listening. And quite possibly Happy New Year :)

Nice tune and I like the patch breakdown too. Thanks for sharing @wishbonebrewery

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Oh this is nice! It's beautifully done and so nice relaxing. Could listen a whole day to something like this!

A great 2021 gift to us, thank you very much for sharing this! I wish you a Happy New Year too, kind regards, Garfield.

Funny you should say that, I let this play for a few hours while I was soldering the other day, the aim was to make something relaxing or meditative.


A bit of a development from that patch. More twinkly shit ;-)

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Oh yes! A few more of those tracks and you can make a large relaxing album :-)

Lovely calm, relaxing therapy (that reminds me of a doctor I know who told me about modular therapy ;-) ) music, great to finish the evening with, thanks a lot and kind regards, Garfield.

Modular Therapy..... Sounds expensive, I know my 'Treatment' has cost a load! :)