I didn't have much time to practice the modular this month but I wanted to put something together before the month was off.

The bass is from the minibrute 2s and drums from the drumbrute impact. The melodic elements are from plaits. I was short on VCOs so I used one channel of the Zadar for that one duty, I guess you can listen to it better kind of droning around minute 3:40.

Everything was multi-tracked to ableton live for the final arrangement.

Hi Exposure,

I love the melody line in here, that sound does it for me! :-)

I barely know how to spell drumz but you on the other hand know very well how to handle a decent piece of rhythm :-)

Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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Hey GarfieldModular,

Yeah, for me mixing the drums is one of the most difficult parts of making a track like this one too, sometimes it doesn't quite cut through the mix or lacks energy. With the drumbrute impact it seems like the kick goes deep into the lower frequencies, so I had to eq it a bit and add a some side-chaining, that seems to help.

Thanks for your kind words.

Nice one @Exposure, great feel and I love the break in the middle. Looking forward to more.

Thanks troux!

Basic Channel vibes, I like :)