Im coming from the world of not modular and transitionning to semi-modular.
Im already planning on going almost full modular, but effect pedals are a huge part of my sound.
I was wondering how to deal with aux sends with modular.

Do I need a regular mixer for routing?
How do you deal with this?


I'm in the same situation. Check out the stuff from Boredbrain https://www.boredbrainmusic.com/ if you're looking for interfaces outside the rack. Inside the rack, check out this thread, which has a bunch of different options: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/forum/posts/index/9271

For parallel effects processing, I use a 1-in / 8-out stereo Distribution Amp made by Studio Technologies, then I mix the effects returns via a Rane SM26B. By doing this, I can take a stereo FX feed, divide it without loss across up to eight different rack processors, then I can submix it all back down to another stereo pair for the return via the Rane. Those Rane SM26 units are getting a bit spendy as of late, but they're still a bargain...and there's all sorts of Distro Amps out there, although I would try and find one that's specifically for audio instead of the ubiquitous A/V distros that're out there for cheap (because, as a rule, they ARE cheap consumer-grade junk). But this would let you get away with a pair of send/return modules as being the only thing needed in your build, letting the Distro and the submixer handle the real voodoo!