It's a start

yes it is

and congratulations on choosing a case that is a decent size!

if you don't already have (all) these modules then:

black pams may be unobtanium - iirc it was a limited edition!

plenty of space = no reason not to buy an original plaits - not only better ergonomics, but Emilie, the original designer, gets paid!

you probably don't need the adsr - unless you are planning on playing with a (cv) keyboard - I'd swap this for a bi-polar lfo - doepfer will do perfectly well

are you planning on sequencing from pams?

how are you planning on listening?

next purchase VCAs - don't skimp - get a quad (veils, perhaps) - you may not think you need them now, but you will - they are just as useful for modulation as for audio

Je kan eerst ook een enklouige enveloppe generatior nemen ie is een stuk goedkoper

Je kan eerst ook een enklouige enveloppe generatior nemen ie is een stuk goedkoper
-- Raimond

might be better to stick to the common tongue - ie English!

Sorry about that A single envelope generator will be enough its Een without one he will mange Greatings Raimon

read the pams manual - pams can generate envelopes - as well as triggers and random quantised sequences

how are you planning on sequencing?

First, thanks for the support guys!

sequencing : i Don't know

I an help my neighbour with Pams but he still near a seqyeener

First, thanks for the support guys!

sequencing : i Don't know
-- kaas
here are some things to consider when choosing a sequencer:

Do you use a daw? if so do you have an audio and/or midi interface? maybe a midi ->cv interface or a dc-coupled audio interface would be more suitable than an in rack sequencer (at least for now)

do you have other cv-able synths? that you want to sequence too? how many? you'll need to take this into account when choosing so that you have enough channels

do you have midi synths that you want to sequence? how many? maybe a sequencer that does midi as well as cv would be appropriate in this case

do you want to purposefully program sequences? or will random suffice for now?

if only the last answer is yes then pams will work for you - at least for now - this is probably a good thing as it will allow you to concentrate on learning the other modules - a dedicated sequencer can come later

if you absolutely must have a dedicated sequencer then I would suggest getting one with more channels than you think you will need - ie don't just buy one that has a single channel (as just like mixers, audio interfaces and vcas - you will need more, eventually)

in this size case I would want a maximum of 3 voices - otherwise there will not be enough room for the support modules - ie utilities - that make modular worthwhile over a fixed architecture synth - that would suggest that you need a sequencer with at least 4 channels (eventually) - but (and I'm contradicting myself a bit here) you could use less sequencer channels and tune your vcos to intervals - so vco 1 is tuned to C and vco 2 is tuned to G - send the same CV to both (via a buffered mult) - if you use the same envelope for both you are playing 'power chords', but if you use different envelopes for each you can do more complex things

I an help my neighbour with Pams but he still near a seqyeener
-- Raimond

there's no such thing as need a module of any type - filters can be vcos and sequencers can be patched from basic modules - lfos, random, envelope generators, mixers etc etc - and PAMs has the ability to generate quantized 'random' sequences - so the OP already has a sequencer - it just can't be purposefully programmed

Daw: Ableton 10
synts/gear: Moog37, S1, Volca FM,Tb3,mx1,tr8,Push 2, 88keymidi piano. and some analoge stuff:)

what do you want to achieve with the modular, in addition to that?

what sort of music do you make? and what do you want to make in the future?

do you want to sequence from the DAW - via midi or cv, or play via the midi keyboard, or what? - only you can tell us!!!

Want to achieve to play live set
Dark freaky underground dubby techno (melodic) / triphop lounge funky / slowhous. and sometimes Some extreme DarkCore.
Want two make it work witout my computer ! But like two have the possibility for if i like to do that in the future.

Not Sure about the Usta. Maybey start whit someting smaler and less price

I think I would look around for a used metropolis - quite easy to use, very hands on and a lot cheaper than the usta

would you want too use CVTools with ableton? if so you could get an expert sleepers es8 or es9 and bypass midi and have an audio interface built in

it's difficult recommending sequencers as they are quite personal - what works for me probably won't work for you - and a lot of people construct sequencers from other modules, or use multiple sequencers (and other modules) together to form a much more powerful sequencer