Hi. Been lurking for a while now. Ton of great info here, soaking up (drowning in) the knowledge. Have a Minibrute 2s & Drumbrute combo (with an external mixer plus a few guitar effects pedals on hand) and ready to take the deep dive into modular.

So, for your collective critique, my starter RackBrute 6U... Anything obviously awry or just plain stoopid?


ModularGrid Rack

mostly looks good

you could drop either the sto or plaits - at least initially, although a simple analog vco and a digital vco are both nice to have

how are you going to play this? sequence from the minibruute?

how are you going to listen to it? via external mixer - NB if you are in an area of the world with unbalanced

I would replace the pico dsp with a fx aid xl - same chip - more options - more modulation inputs

be careful not to overdo it with sound sources and modifiers - I'd try to limit it to 2/3 voices in a case this size

I think:

sound sources < sound modifiers < modulation (about 20% of case/number of modules) < utilities (30% of case)

as I think it allows the most variety in patching

so maybe another modulation source would be a good addition - have a play with envelope generators and lfos and coombiiniing them with maths to make more complex modulation - remember to check out the maths illustrated manual - and work your way through it a few times - and keep going back to it every so often - it's a great primer for patching modular synths!

good start all round though!

Awesome... thank you @jimHowell1970, I really appreciate and respect your comments and suggestions.

Yes, I’ll be sequencing from the Minibrute and listening via mixer outputting to a pair of powered monitors.

Thanks again.