Had been farting around with this for a few days and thought I'd record the patch before breaking it down, turned out pretty dang good. VCFS, an NTO, and a Metropolis go to town:


Hi Steve,

Oh I love that sound, so much fun to listen at, that (leading) voice!

This is a nice start into the weekend, thanks to you! :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

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That did turn out good. Your mixes are very consistent. Is that a result of adding the Soundstage, or focusing more on mixing and EQ in your DAW?

Thank you @GarfieldModular :)

@farkas my current workflow is to record to my Disting, convert to 44.1khz in Audacity, and post here, so if the mixing is sounding good I think it's primarily the Soundstage (which I have really been enjoying). In this case I did use the Audacity default compression algorithm, so I am coming back to that question with @Lugia's comments from a few months back in mind but without any space, still working in the kitchen and all 🤣

Thanks @wishbonebrewery!