also need
- cables, splitter ones too
- tuner

this rack is unplayable, imo, it is voices and effects and a not so great starter modulation section (more focussed on repeating modulation than on generating it) and no way near enough support modules to be able to make it function in anyway that I can see you wanting it to!

to me this rack says you want to create a complete track with it and have found all the things you think you want but have not done any research into what you actually need to make it work - including reading other newbie check my rack posts!!!

there are 10 audio outputs and only 3 audio mixer channels and no mixing for control voltages??? that is not enough basic mixing for any of this (covers the drums) - so I hope you have a good external mixer with lots of spare channels (9 spare would be good)

there are no envelope generators - drones only then? and nothing to trigger them with anyway!

there is no sequencing/midi->cv etc? how are you going to play this? send v/oct to the modules by esp? or just randomly turn the frequency knob?

basically for each "voice", "most people" will want/need a large subset of: one or more sound sources, a submixer, a modulation source (or 2 or 3 or more), some vcas (somewhere in the range of 0-10 usually depending on how many you use for controlling modulation), a sound modifier, a sequencer channel (or more) and a couple of different utilities

and then probably the same again at the rack level - a mixer channel for each voice, possibly a vca for each voice, an end of chain reverb, maybe some other effect (delay, lofi for example), probably a bunch of modulation sources and utilities etc etc

some of your sound sources (bassline and plaits) are 'full voices' so won't need a filter or audio vca (what you send the envelope to for creating a note) - but you will need them for voltage controlling volume and modulation purposes - also vcas are really useful - want an auto-panner 10% of the time use a couple of vcas (and a mult, an inverter and an lfo), want a side-chain compressor - mix the envelope (owith an inverted copy of the side-chain and use a vca

generally the best thing to do is start with one voice (a minimum viable synth) and play with that for a while to get used to a modular way of thinking

a sound source, a sound modifier, a modulation source*, a way to play, a way to listen

immediately (or next) add an utility starter set of (something like) mutable links, kinks, shades and veils - doesn't have to be those exact modules - but cover the functions - wmd/ssf toolbox covers a lot - get a quad cascading vca though!!!!! at first this can also double as a mono output

then play with it for a few weeks/months (to learn it exceptionally well) and then start looking to add more - getting new things as you find you need them rather than blindly following a plan

*for a starter modulation source I always recommend Maths - it is reasonably simple to understand at a basic level and is also incredibly deep - see the illustrated manual (available online) for details of 32 ways to patch program it - I strongly suggest that anyone who does buy this module spends some time working through these examples - patch programming is a very powerful modular synthesis technique and what you learn will carry over very well into the rest of your modular journey

Thanks Jim! Very good advice which I will heed. I'm still very much in the rough draft phase of this setup, and haven't begun to add any modulation/utility/VCA's modules etc. Maybe I will ping you when it's in a better place, would love to hear your thoughts!

NP :-)

I think planning too much is a bit daft - the plans often change as soon as the first (group of) module(s) is/are bought!

Case is big enough - I guess its a b-company go - just watch out for power consumption especially the -ve rail - I have a mantis (which is what the b-company cloned the psu for the go from) but it is 30% smaller - I have issues with -ve rail consumption in it depending on modules (but I do have some really -ve rail hungry modules)

personally I'd just dive in with the minimum viable synth I suggested above (including the utilities) and have an idea of where you are heading (rough number of voices etc - so that when you come to expand you can for example get the right final stage mixer to start with)

the only thing I would think about long term is whether drums in the rack are a thing you need - or whether you'd be better off with a drum machine (or similar - I have a vermona drm1 mk2, I sometimes use) as they usually work out substantially cheaper (but saying that I also have percussion in the rack!)

in terms of how many voices I'd want in this size rack - drums plus 3-4, or 5 maybe 6 without drums - otherwise not enough space for everything else!

btw - for a tuner - there are lots of free phone apps!!