Marbles is in control of the gates and pitches.
I made a little Snare from a fairly snappy envelope, some noise and a bit of ADDAC103 and the rolls come from the Ratchet on the DNi Pro DOT, other percussion triggers are from the Roboux LL8, I'm enjoying the Pr0k Clap module and I'm mixing/panning the percussion in my first Doepfer module A-138sv, there is the MakeNoise STO doing one part and the Befaco EvenVCO doing the more tweaked filtered bits which are filtered in the Omsonic Funky Ladder Filter, there's some Monsoon Clouds reverb and some 2hp Verb and some Erica Pico DSP reverb..... all the verbs!

Quite enjoyed this one, I need to dig a bit deeper withe the LL8 and work on more variation or progression on the percussion.

Superb start there @wishbonebrewery and I like the direction you take it, big fan of this one.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Oh that's a nice treat for the listener, this is a very interesting rhythm track. Indeed a quite nice snare sound and me, as a listener, I am enjoying your clap sound very much too! :-D

This is indeed a very interesting path you are going here and I wouldn't mind if you would explore this a bit further, with some more surprises for us, the listeners! Nicely done and thank you very much for making this a pleasurable start of my weekend, kind regards, Garfield.

P.S.: Nice beer can too! :-) But what do I see... only 4.2% alcohol, is that still called beer? ;-)

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Thanks a lot guys :)
I've been adding some modulation to animate the Hatz a bit.

PS, at 4.2% its actually our best seller.

This was one of the best I've heard around MG in a while. Really good.