Heyho fellows,

as my time for modular is sparse these days and especially my family needs attention I nevertheless turned some knobs today, the rest was done by the fantastic stochastic inspiration generator :)...


Hi Jingo,

This is a lovely track. It's peaceful to listen at it and provides a lot of sonic pleasure. Beautifully done!

Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks Garfield,

I am building some eurorack modules (nlc) and hope to have time to wiggle them...

And thanks again for your kind words which I always appreciate! :)


That was lovely :) Cheers

Lovely, thanks for sharing @jingo, I'm sending good vibes to you (and all the forum-heads) in these crazy times

thanks all, for being such nice people :)!

I do pray that we all come good through these odd and crazy times, healthy, and in peace!

Best, all the Best,

Wow this was great!