Some simple parts of a patch I was playing with Marbles is on the Pitches and Triggers then a sort of subtle envelope from the WMS/SSF ADSRVCA which is also tweaking the Rebach VCF-AB filter which is simply filtering the Sine wave from the MakeNoise STO, which heads into delay from the Erica Pico DSP, some old shortwave radio samples go through the Monsoon Clouds and there is some subtle percussion which I tried to keep restrained and left the sort of Piano sound just to do its thing with minimal tweaking.
Cheers for Listening, it was recorded in one-take, apologies for any crackles from my crappy soundcard!
I picked an old photo do go with this slightly somber piece, taken on 120 film with an old Halina camera.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Indeed something different but nice, I feel it's somehow very nice and relaxing. The samples are partly quite funny too :-)

Nice new approach and I wouldn't mind if you go a bit more along this path. Thank you very much for trying something different and kind regards, Garfield.

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Very different from the usual @wishbonebrewery but really nicely done, thanks for sharing and like @GarfieldModular I'm looking forward to more.

Very calm and relaxing. Love the Samples and the clicky Beats!

wow, thanks guys :)
This was literally a slowed a tweaked part of a more hectic patch.

Yes, very nice track. I love it when you spend all this time patching something fast and complex and busy, but then you cut some parts, drop the tempo, open the envelopes and reduce it down and you get something related, but totally different and often better than what was originally patched. At least it happens to me on occasion. :-)

Just lucky basically, no talent, no education, just luck ;-) This is me at least.

This feels like an empty world after a nuclear war! Brilliant track and lovely depressing atmosphere!


post-apocalyptic sadness. Thanks :)