Intended to be installed in a mixed format 19" rack along with a shelf-mounted MXR 114 and M-Audio FireWire 1814, a Behringer U-Phoria UMC1820, and a 2-3 slot 500 Series system (which can be found here).

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what are you trying to do with this?

what are you trying to do with this?
-- JimHowell1970

It has a two fold use, firstly it's an expansion of my main portable eurorack kit (found here), adding clock division functionality and the smArTT Verter's attenuverter/offset/buffed multiple capabilities, the A-185-2v is to free up my Disting mk4 from being utilized only as a precision adder.

With that said I utilize my main eurorack for audio processing along with traditional synthesis, and so the other half of this rack is intended to handle some responsibilities that I haven't found worth the price in other form factors, (e.g. guitar pedals, vsts, or hacked gear). That's why there's a 3.5mm to 1/4" patchbay, so I can take audio out of my two ADAT Lightpipe linked audio interfaces into this eurorack subsystem and then after some attenuation feed it back into my DAW.

The blank panel all the way on the right side of the rack is intended to become an AC encoder breakout module so I can use my Disting mk4 and the Silent Way plugin to send CV from Ableton Live standard to my eurorack.

But yes, I hope I explained my goals with this particular build. It's not quite finished and it's likely it'll go through revision if I find form factors and price points that work more for my process and home studio needs.

Oh, I guess I forgot to mention where the 500 Series stuff comes into play, huh? Well, basically I've been looking for a mono channel compressor for a while now and for a few months I thought that I had zeroed my options down to the Empress Compressor MKII pedal. But I thought it was wise to look at what else was available in the market and if there were solutions that better served my recording environment.
So, after taking a few days researching the 500 Series format I found that Hairball Audio offered a DIY compressor that could be assembled for possibly fifty bucks cheaper than the Empress, another big plus was that the FET/500 is being able to withstand louder signals, and would go in a rack, instead of floating around the desk like my other pedals.