Thanks for this! Yeah, that sounds like what I'm looking for. A lot of Digitakt videos I'm finding are using it in different ways than I'd plan to, but just reading your post gives me a lot of ideas.

Thanks -- I'll check out the Elektrons and MPC. I've never worked with a hardware drum machine and hadn't considered one for this purpose... but if one of them has a fast workflow, per-step probability, good onboard sounds/effects, and overall is more fun than putting together drums in a DAW, it could work. I like modular's happy accidents, but maybe that approach isn't necessary.

FWIW, I already own the Rample, Pam's, the dual VCA and Noise Tools, which together would shave a good amount off the cost of the modular route.


I am planning to make a small, all-in-one portable case as an extension of my main case, which I'd primarily use to build clicky-clacky drum/percussion loops. I write a lot of tension-style music for libraries and want to build some more weirdness and probability into my background percussion.



Rample is the sound source, utilizing stock samples as well as my own. Pam's triggers it and the ADSR, clocks Varigate, and has enough additional outputs for clocked modulation. Varigate is extremely important here, if only for its per-step probability. I'd probably run it in 2/2 mode so I can also CV sequence some other parameter.

Also important was a feature-packed delay. I use delay a lot in putting together loops like these, and having one like the Imitor with a lot of CV inputs felt good -- I'm wary of having a lot of modulation options and nowhere to put them.

Otherwise I have the MIA for CV mixing/attenuating, the Doepfer mixer for the Rample voices, and additional utilities. Headphone output can be used as a stereo line out, so I figure that could help with the portability factor.

I want to be careful to not have any redundant modules in such a small case, and I may have missed other options that do the things I'm looking for in a better way. Would really appreciate feedback!

Thread: Cinematic 7u


Hello! I had an idea back in July for something smaller, but after months spent with my Pittsburgh Lifeforms 101 system I feel like I have a somewhat better sense of what I'm hoping to do, but with plenty I'm unsure about.

I'm looking to create big droney soundscapes and some melodic lines -- not leads as much as semi-random lines that could augment a larger piece of music strung together in a DAW. Both would have plenty of modulation and movement options, ideally.

I'm excited by the Cold Mac and Vector Space, but not sure how well they'd play together. And I'm not sure if I'm over/underdoing certain things, like if certain modulation sources are redundant or if I'm missing some type of module that this system is screaming out for.

I own the Wogglebug, o_C, the uVCA, and Clouds (which I'm considering selling). This is planned for the Intellijel 7u case.

Let me know if I totally whiffed here. Thanks!

Planning a small rack for my home studio. I was hoping to use it to create evolving pads and textures; to process/mangle outside audio (field recordings, guitar, sounds out of my DAW, sounds from my Microbrute); and to get my guitar pedals into the action. It would be great to have all my hardware and software working together fluidly, and to keep having reasons to return to the rack no matter what I'm working on.

I have the Clouds, Wogglebug, uVCA, and Pluck, plus a Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1 system that I'm considering selling. I also have that Microbrute, which is very useful with its CV/gate out.

Still new-ish to modular, so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Is there a better way to go about this? Thank you!