So here's what I'm thinking for my final rack. Could anyone please let me know how to maximize the space here? I like the Mother 32 on the bottom row so I can use the keyboard more easily but I would welcome ANY suggestions as to how to get the maximum cable management and general clean layout. Thanks everybody!

I'm trying to do a generative ambient patch similar to r beny or Lightbath, anyone have any tips and or patch notes they could give me to achieve this? Thanks so much!

Added possible third row dedicated to Drums! How does this look? Thanks

Great! Thank you so much for the quick replies. This seems like a great direction and I will definitely do this!

Lugia, Here's my idea for the 3rd row. How would you go about making the most out of this space? How would you construct a drum source using the extra space here? Thanks in advance!

Thanks! I am trying to keep everything in one case for convenience. That said, That 42hp case is really cool! Looks like it could even be run off a battery pack, which is awesome. I'm getting a 3rd row Rackbrute 3U in a few months, so that'll work great, I think for drums/sequencing..

Not a bad idea. I am planning a 3rd row after I get the majority of these modules and use that for drums/sequencing. I really want the whole thing in one unit for portability.

Swapped a drum and a mixer for the Sinc Iter. Needs some craziness.

Put a modDemix instead and added the Doepfer mixer.

How does this look? Am I missing anything crucial? Too many sound sources perhaps? Not enough utilities? Not sure. Thanks!

WOWZERS. Thank you SO MUCH. You really went above and beyond here. This is an amazing improvement. Thank you so so much! I love this layout. I'll try it out asap.

Hello everybody,
Can any of yous guys give any advice regarding organizing this case? Its packed full (1hp remaining) and I was wondering about organizing it for best cable management and routing patches in the best way. Thanks all!

Great! Thanks!

What does everyone think of this guy? I'm running midi from a keyboard for random Arpeggios to make some polyphonic results, but I really wanna make some more noisey, ambient slowly evolving pieces. Thoughts?

Nice! Is the uScale mainly for the TM? Might be better to get a Disting then. Disting has a TM-algorithm with built in quantization and can do like 70 other things too.

I'm not sure what the Maths is for since you don't have much CV to mix in this rack? Envelopes and LFOs? If that's the case then there are other, less hp-consuming options.
-- sislte

Disting MK4 looks sick and not nearly as difficult to operate as I thought. I'll definitely be picking one up.

Thank you so much! I'll try it!

Thanks for the advice! I can't wrap my mind around the Disting at the moment. I am very new to Eurorack so i'd prefer to start with each module doing one thing (no menu diving) Maths is because everyone says that everyone needs it. I'll be running some offboard synths (Ms-20 etc) so Maths can have fun with those as well.

Some melodic sequencing and thick powerful drones. Thoughts?