Agree that I'd rather it just do the basics and not be some glitchy distorted gimmick. The Replicator using propriety tapes is a huge miss

Everything is always sold out?

@Skipperhead1991 you have not verified your email so I cannot PM you re: your for sale rack

@Skipperhead1991 you have not verified your email so I cannot PM you re: your for sale rack

Dear non-designer Euro manufacturers. They look bad. Stop listening to the vocal minority. Look at the synths of old. Look how good Rossum and Synthtech looks compared to After Later. They make me wanna barf while I off myself, crying in the corner. They look foul and diseased. They look tacky and the contrast is horrible. Even Folktek looks miserable. Take some prozac guys

They are so depressing and ugly. Spend all day looking at black cords and electronics everywhere already... Always get the silver panels when possible but apparently there are many edgelords with horrible design taste who are into eurorack, they are the majority. No big surprise - have you heard the youtube demos for most modules?

Thread: UX

Heello, a few things that are a bit rough sometimes. For context I am a paid user and have been on the site for a few years, also work as a UI Eng

  • Why would I ever need keybindings to flip or duplicate, or do anything on this site really. All it does it that randomly when I search for a module below, in case I lose focus of the search bar (which happens accidentally all the time), that it just hoses my whole rack - flipping things, duplicating things... deleting things - until I realize what I am doing. What was that cool module? We will never know, because no undo or history :)

  • On mobile it doesn't seem to load a unique experience, so when trying to scroll thru your rack (not locked by default in mobile), again your rack is just hosed because it's dragging things around randomly and resorting, etc.

  • Messages UI seems kinda clunky and I'm often struggling to find the specific message that actually contains the tracking # I'm looking for etc, maybe because the previous replies are contained in nested quote trees, if captured in the threads further replies at all.

Feature request stories:
- As a user I want to be able to transfer a module from one of my racks to another without needing to navigate away from my current view.
- As a user I want to be able to export a csv from the data sheet page, or hide specific columns in that view.

Probably known bug:
- Re-arranging indicators are unreliable and often end w/ modules being resorted even when it looks like they will settle in without conflict.

I realize you guys have actually recently implemented a bunch of things I was going to add here! I want to close with saying I love ModularGrid. The deeper and more familiar I become with the site, the more genius and awesome I realize it is. It's well thought out and it really enables the community to be consumer gluttons to the max. Obviously people here care, so I don't feel like I am wasting time by writing this, and hope folks know I come from a place of utter Kumbayance. If I can help clarify anything then plz let me know but my TLDR is:

Please remove keybindings
Please detect mobile and enable lock by default for mobile
Please enable transferring of a module between cases


Yo, send me a PM

Scammer MFR, right?

Reports of him ripping people off at random. Sucks. I got my module a few years ago

yo gotta complete signup so I can send you a PM

yo gotta complete signup so I can send you a PM

Thread: ##DR.180

can the cosmix be chained? does everyone see these meesages or just the owner of the rack?

Thread: unintellijel

dual plonks?

Does this feature even work?