D. A. C.

no dac

nothing special.

A Meditated Mario & Luigi, Simply Blow Down Cart, Slot In The SNES, Turn On, And Serve

I have a few sessions on youtube, that have used this eurorack alongside the hydrasynth and a behringer mixer, the sessions where just eurorack and hydrasynth, no computer .......

hi johnathan29 i've found this , hope it helps .......

if they bring out some kind of random preset maker via their website or something and back it up with some kind of archive, people can join and add preset's, similar to microtonic in a way only a a more immersive approach and for lxr. Im sick of all this oh what wonderous nothing awaits, ............. other than that i guess its kind of cool, not sure if its got real modular synthesis or its purely dps on a circuit, still cool module, with a couple of separate outputs, cv ect always great.

Those new panels are dope

I 🤔 think it would be ever more amazing if the wave edit program was higher wavesamples piston Honda would handle this no problem and Kermit also, the reason being , when randomizing waves it tends to put out a lot of duff cycles and 256 kind of hard to get an idea of the shape and renoise tends to help with editing the samples so higher quality all round makes more sense to me

Any news on a release date yet ?

Really cool ..... where is the program, to build import create you're own envelopes, and plenty space on the device for these things, WHY SO LOCKED DOWN =D

so ...... multiple in's multiple outs, ability to monitor its multiple fv1 chips, and replace them, free fx all free, this is an investment not an unfixable toy ....... IT LOOKS LIKE ONE

This module just keeps getting better and better and is quickly becoming one of my favourite utility modules. Im expecting great things from disting in the future, however, left a few comments on youtube on some of their videos ermmm ...... the guys @ expert sleepers are yet to wake up on the true potential of these pressing matters.

a great solution to integrate my module to my daw, would love more, if this module could just, find a silent way to become a ghost audio card in the background of my daw = integration heaven,

now, im aware another one of his modules may do the trick, somewhat, still nice to feed audio back.

I Own One, I Love It, So Raw, Such Power,

If only there was a way to have all my banks on the sd , and yes you guessed it backup of single tweaked presets in a nice organised fashion via micro sd, a setting with no distortion.

My IME Experience Would Be Complete;

such a cool module, do wish i could have all my banks handy, organised filesystem @ easy access transfer via micro sd , ability to back up my single pre-sets to sd, that i may have spent a few hours tweaking. still great work IME

oh almost forgot, ability to run 2 different effects, in such a small unit, a nice addition, guess the fv1 chip isn't strong enough, maybe 1 day there will be multiple in's and out's, still running 2 effects possible ?

Im thinking really cool, then, i realized, no variable clock, kind of limits the module, don't get me wrong , i love the sleek small design of the module , variable clock just feels like an important factor.