Thread: Tetra

NP - have you checked out the maths illustrated manual - even if it doesn't inspire you to buy a maths, it may inspire some patching of the quadrapol/Delta-v combo!

I just had another look -

again - kinks and a matrix mixer (AISynthesis do a reasonably priced, reasonably sized one) will massively expand your modulation capabilities for a reasonable price

I'd probably also want some more audio mixing options - I see a 2hp mix for submixing the drums and a unity for audio and the quadrapol/delta-v for cv, but it doesn't really seem to be enough - maybe a quad cascading vca such as veils or intellijel
-- JimHowell1970

Hello again,

I've never heard about that illustrated manual but I just found a document by Demonam and the format looks very interesting.

TBH, I don't know how Kinks or any other matrix mixer be useful.

I will check both thoroughly over the weekend.

OTAH, for submixing, I almost always used quadraPol but if I follow your suggestions and use quadraPol/Delta-V combo to make function generators, I may need another submixer at some point.

Thanks for the tips, gonna keep you updated.


Thread: Tetra

do you want suggestions?

if so modulation (Maths and stages perhaps) and utilities (kinks a matrix mixer) would seem like a good place to start
-- JimHowell1970

Hey, I have quadraPol with Delta-v to cover almost everything what Maths does.
OTOH, Stages look cool! Never considered it and it seems like can cover what I was planning to do with Ladik 4-step sequencer and even more . .
Thanks for the tip!

Thread: Tetra

1) OSCs
- SV-1b main OSC and second OSC
- Mangroove
2) Filter
- Three Sisters
- SV-1b Filter
3) VCA
- quadraPol has 4 VCAs
- Delta V has 2 VCAs
- Doepfer A-147-2 has a VCA
- SV-1B has a VCA with distortion
4) Mixer
- Unify
- quadraPol
- SV-1b
5) Envelope
- SV-1b has ADSR envelope
- Delta V has two VS envelope
6) S&H
- SV-1b
- Pamela's New Workout
7) MIDI interface
- mmMidi has 2 melodic, 8 drum MIDI outs
- SV-1b has 1 melodic MIDI outs
8) Gate Sequencer
- Euclidean Circles v2
- Stoicheia
9) CV Sequencer
- Mimetic Sequent
10) Clock divider/multiplier
- Pamela's New Workout

Missing units

11) Waveshaper?
12) Delay?