Sometimes the machines rebel and the automatism does not work. So see the note from further up:

So if the autocrop does not work uploaded PNGs that were edited with an external software indeed give the best results.

I have reworked the pictures, your pedalboard looks good now.

Thanks for the info and rework! Just to be clear, you're saying a reworked PNG is better than a jpg?

Glad it wasn't just me. I threw together a board of a bunch of Donner Pedals, sorted by input dimensions.

Donner mis-match

If you look at the two on the left (or the two on the right), they have exactly the same size, are cropped well, but wildly different sizes.

Seems to be a bigger issue than just getting the pedal dimensions right or cropping.

I hear what you're saying, but take the two on the left. Both have the exact same dimensions inputed, are cleanly cropped, but very different in height. Here is the link to the actual board.

It seems like the algorithm is not accounting for the actual image size correctly. This is an amazing utility, just was wondering if this is a known problem.

I'm really new to this site, but I have a question that might relate to resolution of pics. I added 3 pedals and noticed the scale was off.
To check, I created a board with all the Donner mini pedals, sorted by stated height, and you can see the images are quite different. I know this is picky to the extreme, but wondered if there was a solution....

alt text