Thread: WTB Mantis

Dunno if ur US based but I saw a good deal on a used one at Control in Brooklyn earlier:

Things not matching honestly looks worse on ModularGrid than in real life, the synth looks beautiful either way 😍
-- troux

LOL agreed plus I love them for their personality

Thanks all for the encouragement and detailed feedback, I really appreciate the time. Taking your advice into consideration, I dropped the Harmonaig and replaced with a uO_C and a Warps. Also, the Beads tip is very helpful so thanks for pointing me in the right direction there.

If there's any interest, I've updated the original link after some reshuffling and saved the rack for a comparison point down the road, we'll see how it actually turns out as it grows!

Hey all,

I've started planning a case to supplement my Moog Mother-32/DFAM/Subharmonicon system. I'm thinking of getting a TipTop Mantis.

I think the ultimate goal would be for the system to function standalone as well, so in that vein I'm thinking I'll need the full signal chain from voicing to modulation to sequencing and some effects. After reading around, the advice I'm hearing is to start with the essentials and here's where I'm at:

ModularGrid Rack

For master clock and S&H there's Marbles
For the first voice there's Plaits
For utility there's Maths and then Links/Kinks/Shades and a mult
The filter is the Ikarie
First VCA is Veils
Microcell for some spaciness

If anybody has thoughts on this I'd love to hear, anything I'm missing for for routing to get the sound out or any limitations.

Also, I've been toying with 'the end goal' and I would want some additional voicing, sequencing w/ CV for pitch, additional LFOs, more modulation, several more VCAs, more mixing (including a matrix and I think a final mixer to pipe it all into my interface) and a nice delay/way to play with echoes and time (like maybe the Mimeophone or Beads).

To that end, I've also put together this rack below that I think includes all those elements:

ModularGrid Rack

If I'm connecting the dots right, this would cover all the bases for a standalone system with some flexibility, also keeping in mind I've got my semi modular system to supplement.

Appreciate everyone's time, feel free to critique or suggest alternatives!