hi everyone!

i recently was gifted the intellijel 62hp palette, but i'm a beginner and would really appreciate some feedback/guidance/recommendations for modules+accessories that could help me create ambient music. even some tips for figuring how to get all these toys to talk to each other for a smooth recording process would be great. i'm also open to buying another case dedicated for hands-on controllers to actually play the music.

i've already pre-ordered the following modules:
- pamela's new workout
- zadar
- morphagene

i'd like to use the following:
- (intellijel 1u modules that came with the palette, but am open to suggestions)
- monome grid (when they open up pre-orders)
- monome norns shield
- arturia keystep
- teenage engineering op-z
- chase bliss audio blooper
- fairfield circuitry shallow water
- tascam porta one

modules i am interested in:
- monome anisble
- monome crow
- mannequins just friends
- mannequins mangrove
- make noise mimeophon
- hermod
- make noise qpas
- mutable instruments plaits
- ornament and crime
- intellijel plonk
- alm squid salmple

here's a link to my modulargrid setup for the time being:
ModularGrid Rack

thanks so much for reading, i love the community and i can't wait to learn more! rip wallet also lol.