Jim speaks truth, the Tex Mix is a really good option, definitely more suited to this particular rack then the WMD ; )

How about forsaking the Erica mult for, say, a sub-mixer or two for the voices, and then a good performance mixer like the Roland 530 or 531? Some arrangement like that would fit in your case. Otherwise just get the wmd performance mixer. It is the best.

Small submixers: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/modules/browser?SearchName=&SearchVendor=&SearchFunction=6&SearchSecondaryfunction=&SearchHeight=&SearchTe=8&SearchTemethod=max&SearchBuildtype=&SearchLifecycle=&SearchSet=all&SearchMarketplace=&SearchIsmodeled=0&SearchShowothers=0&order=tag&direction=asc

I will second the 4MS Ensemble Oscillator and also recommend the 4MS Spherical Wavetable Navigator. Same company, two very different synths geared I think towards generative/ambient music. I wound up selling my Ensemble to justify buying the SWN, but now I wish I had them both, they are beautiful and do very different things. Someday I’m sure I’ll wind up with another Ensemble.

I go to Reverb first to see if there might be a reasonable deal on a used module, but do the math - the asking price can sometimes be close enough to retail that when adding tax and shipping (sometimes outrageous shipping), it is just as much if not more than retail from say Patchwerks, which includes free shipping and zero sales tax. I wish I could buy more from Midwest Modular, but since they’re local (Minnesota) they have to charge me sales tax. Patchwerks is great. Perfect Circuit is great. Detroit Modular is my favorite because they have a loyalty points system, and that is totally great. Mostly, I tend to surf them all to see 1) who has it and 2) is there a lower price between them. If the price is the same everywhere, I’ll buy from Detroit Modular to rack up a few more points. Ah, consumerism.

Nice you have Techno System too ! Love it !
Sorry i had made some modification after my post in the forum… thats why it look complete when you click in my image.
Now you can see how it is now :)
Do you think Intellijel UVCA is enough for the moment or i need Intellijel Quad VCA ? Do i really need Sample and Hold ? Ring Modulation ? I dont understand how to use it and if i really need it… i am totally new to modular… OCHD look very nice for LFO, will ass it or Batumi ;) Thank you !

Do you think i can use my modular like this and see after what i really need ?
For mixing and outputs i will buy another rack with WMD performance mixer and two others Vermona Twinout..

Hmm, do you need ring mod and sample & hold. I think others would agree it really depends on what you're going for. Drones? Melodies? A bit of both? It think you definitely would use a quad VCA if you had it, because putting movement into a drone or a melody is key to bringing life to your patches. Ring modulation is an effect. In this system, I would look at another multi-effect (you already have a good one with Erica's Dual FX, but that will get used quickly even if sent to a mixer. If you're going to go big and get the performance mixer (VERY good choice), a couple multi-effects would be perfect to start. FXAid is of course great. So is the Erica Black Hole DSP, so is Milky Way. All of those are very much preset friendly and good for beginners.

Sample & Hold can be extremely useful for a broad range of audio and CV uses. Random melodies, random beats, random control of VCA's to randomize random movements in the spectrum! You don't need it, but investigate how it is used on YouTube and see what you like.

Consider a quad VCA, at least one multi-effect, an LFO generator and some kind of attenuator to really master control over as many parameters as you can.

All the other suggestions you're getting are terrific too. As always, endless possibilities and angles.

BTW, I think you can slave Drum Sequencer to the NerdSeq with very little effort. DrumSeq is really one of the greatest things I've encountered in Eurorack. So much fun to use and play. Hope this is all helpful!

Hi! Oh cool, Techno System. I play mine both on its own and as part of larger systems. When I click on your image I'm going to a more complete system but I'm wondering if you could use more mixing and/or output. There are a lot of mixing channels in the techno system but from my experience that section does tend to fill up. The oscillators and effects need to go somewhere, Optomix is good but do you need more submixing for those prior to output? On the other hand, there is technically room for all the voices in the three techno system mixers, and it might be all you need. I'm curious as to where the Erica Link module went, that would actually be a terrific output for this system. Perhaps you've got this solved with other modules. It's a little big, but a Roland 531 would give you more mixing room and a lot of performance control. A DivKid OCHD would be something to consider as well, it would put a lot of movement into the system. I've gotten great results plugging OCHD into the TS, Drum Sequencer loves it. Good luck!

Hi! In my experience, multi-effect modules were a good way to learn about what works and what doesn’t. Right now I’m only going into the DAW for recording and finishing the stereo mixes with a little EQ and compression. Maybe consider starting with a good multi-effect like FX Aid or Erica Synths’ Black Hole DSP 2. There are pluses and minuses to both but are extremely versatile and the Black Hole just sounds terrific to me. FX has a lot of menus and downloads, so it’s a bit to manage, but it’s worth having. You might also look into Noise Engineering’s Versio series, because those don’t have presets, so you can tailor your effect from the ground up. And, you can buy one from the series and still download all the effects available. A different take on multi-effects. And if you want to hit the DAW, Noise has free plugins now. I have not been wowed by Beads/Clouds particular angle on effect synthesis, but I have heard great things out of that product line, so if you dig that workflow, you might love those. Everything I’ve mentioned sounds amazing.

I may not be one to ask, because I chose Erica’s Techno System for my drum machine ; ) It is really worth it for what it does, and it is a joy to play. What it does NOT do is set and forget. It’s much more its own instrument/mini studio. That said, I’ve thought hard about getting Queen of Pentacles or Quad Drum Voice to add to my regular rack, leaning towards the latter because of its size and convenience. I also have a TR-8S which I love but don’t integrate with my modular unless it’s going into a sampler.